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If you really have a good content on your blog or website but still struggling to get your head up in the flood of competition, is either you dont have a powerful SEO action plan or you fail to evaluate how your site is doing on search engine. I will really try to make this post short and it requires quick action. This also has to do with Page Rank which is how important your site is compared to others by Google.

Therefore I decided to state 7 quick steps to instantly rank higher than competitors on searches.

Below are the 7 steps.

1. List top 5 sites for each keyword related to your website Do this immediately. List out top 5 websites that ranks for each keyword you use. These are your real competitors on your chosen keywords. You can extend this list to 10 if you like. Copy down the addresses of these websites as you shall use them later.

2.How many pages do they have? Google likes rich text as well as multiple paged websites and blog, so if you are going to be respected by GoogleBot, then check the number of pages your website or blog has compared to at least 10 closest competitors in your niche.

3. What is the Page Rank for each of the 10 closest competitors in your niche A site that has a page rank of 3/10 will be listed first in searches than sites with lower page rank of 2/10 or 1/10 for the same keyword in the same niche. In fact, Google will still list this site higher than a site of lower page rank on a related keyword. You dont have to struggle for a higher ranking over a competitor site with higher page rank. Use Digsitevalue to check your competitors page rank and compare yours to see how your site is doing.

Then get to work, increase your Google Page Rank through high quality contents users will want to share. Also, submit your site to Yahoo!, Open Directory Project like

Post your url to online reference sites like Wikipedia, inform the media through press releases,, use syndicates like to instantly submit your post or updates to various social media, make use of newsletters, use RSS in your site, ask other quality websites to link to your site, use to announce your site freely. Though this post is not about how to increase Google PageRank, evaluating your competitors ranking comes handy if you want to out rank them.

4. How many backlinks do they have? This is another quick action plan you need to take. Use Digsitevalue again to check the number of backlinks to competitors site. Give more attention to doubling your own backlinks. The greater the number of quality backlinks, the better your ranking. Give attention to the baclinks of your competitor based on .edu backlinks, high PR backlinks, .gov backlinks.

You naturally rank higher than a site when you have fewer backlinks but from quality domains, especially domains with high Page Rank. Go to Google and search High PR Dofollow blogs and websites. Visit them and comment on them. Please, dont spam or else your comment will be deleted. Post quality comments. Though, the greater the number of backlinks you have, the better…

5. Is your competitor an Authority site or Wiki Well this is a very important question you got to answer if you are competing with an authority site. I mean a long old established site on a particular niche, then you have real work on your hands to do.

But I suggest going for sub-niches in that niche. You will have to compete favourably with an authority site in all steps they have done though you may not need to do all but sure bet it that you have to get your hands dirty a bit in SEO and other traffic sources to beat them, paid advertising comes handy.

6. what is their keyword density Very important question. Use to check competitors keyword density. The greater your keyword density very closely related to what your site is about, the better your ranking.

7. How often do they update their website or blog? This is another trick you have to learn and use to your advantage. Google likes regularly updated websites and blogs so you have got work to do. Head straight to competitor websites and check how long it takes them to post a new content. This both helps credibility, reliability and actively growing community of readers or users.

Ranking higher than any competitor is quite simple if you are really determined. The SEO adventure is really an interesting game. Hit share buttons below.

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