7 Surefire Steps For Blogging Startup

7 Surefire Steps you MUST TAKE on the First Day of your Blog to Avoid burning out…

Today, there are dozens of blogs out there that the owners has dumped because of poor strategy and winning practices. Though you may be a skillful writer but that doesnt sustain your blogging pace. What keeps you motivated to continue blogging is simply by knowing how to motivate yourself.

Most bloggers dont know the basics of how to build an online blog empire.

One thing you need to know is that blogging for money is like an online business start up, if managed well just like a small business, it will boom. Before any business is launched, a very powerful business plan is set up. In blogging, it is called extrapolative strategy. It is planning all the way to the end. You can be a power broker in your niche when you blog with the end in mind.

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The reason why several bloggers fail is because; they lack the sustaining backup to becoming millionaire bloggers. Usually, little simple things you overlook produce outstanding results in the long run. Thats why today, I want to share 7 simple tips any blogger can do to avoid burning out. I shall list them out with inferential solutions.

1. YOUR TOPIC OR NICHE MUST FORM YOUR REAL PASSION: EXPERIENCE AND PASSION ARE THE TWO SECRETS OF FAMOUS MILLIONAIRE BLOGGERS TODAY The above is self explanatory. Just because Michael Dunlop of IncomeDiary blogs about blog traffic does not mean you should start blogging about the same. Find an area you like that you can keep on blogging about without getting tired even without being paid. Simple.

2. CREATE A BLOGGING CALENDER FOR YOURSELF Like I said earlier, little things we overlook is what usually creates results in the long run. You can never get tired blogging what you are passionate about when you know how to start and how to keep going. Blog calendar keeps you going. Imagine creating a blog calendar such that every Monday and Tuesday of your blog calendar is for Pillar articles and Wednesday to Friday is casual but inspiring blog posts. Maybe, Saturday to the next Monday is Guestposts. If you have been into blogging or you are just a beginner, you will really appreciate this.

3. INSPIRE YOURSELF FROM TOP BLOGS I do it steadily. When it seems like the whole thing is getting boring, other millionaire bloggers forms my passion to continue. If your blog is a successful one yet you need a continuous inspiration from other blogs to continue blogging, then seeing other blogs or doing guest posts for other related blogs in your niche sustains the passion. Do a Google search on Top Blogs in your niche to follow.

4. CREATE CATEGORIES AND SUB-CATEGORIES This is simple. Pretty much of the time, categorizing your blog gives you an inner strength to continue. This is simple but it is one of the secrets of top bloggers. A powerfully categorized blog with quality posts gives a gentle nudge of importance and good work. Remember that several useful posts on different categories makes your blog a killer.

5. POSSESS MILLIONAIRE MINDSET This is one of the building blocks to dotcom success. A never giving up spirit is the true spirit of entrepreneurship. Millionaires start with the end in mind. The secret of duplicating success is learning from those who have become successful in any area you are in.

6. BE FASCINATED ABOUT MORE INFORMATION IN YOUR NICHE The value of a blog is measured on the value of information it posseses. Your subscribers and loyal readers will be glued to your b log when you give them top-notch information they hardly find elsewhere. Go for information and expand your knowledge in your niche. Remember, your goal is to become an authority not just another blogger.

7. BE AN ADVANCED BLOGGER Most people dont know what advanced blogging is. This is simply being dynamic in blogging strategy and monetization. That is all there is. Every business that became world class was started on a strong foundation of planning. Before you blog about any topic, breakdown every topic into simpler sub topics and use in bound links or internal links to connect one blog post to another.

Lets say you started a blog topic on TRAFFIC. You first create a detailed blog post on the different sources of traffic and then later take them one by one, always referring to each one through links and back to your main blog post on TRAFFIC. This keeps users longer on your site and therefore earns you more respect from Google.

These 7 tips can be expanded. This is what I felt is good and I use. If you think more can be added, please do comment.

To your success.


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