A Boost of Refreshing Content

A Boost of Refreshing Content


Just the other day, I decided to spend a few hours writing at the beach. It was a beautiful day of fresh air, peaceful atmosphere and of course, no internet. I’ve never been to this part of town, and I was surprised by the surroundings and more importantly, what it did for my blog content.


When I sat down and gazed upon the body of water in front of me, I immediately felt energized and wanted to write.

Content just kept flowing out of my brain and eventually translated onto the laptop screen. The couple of hours I spent was extremely productive, and although I usually get distracted quite easily, I was pretty happy writing at the pier where there are tons of people walking by.

What I experienced was an energy boost from the change of environment. Being at the same desk / kitchen table everyday, it’s sometimes hard to bring out the creativity within me. All the new surrounding at the pier stimulated my mind and allowed me to write longer, faster and better.

I was actually amazed what the difference changing the environment did to my writing that day. From now on, I will go around town to write my articles and blog posts to see what that will bring for the content.

Next time you are stuck writing content, try to go out and do it in a beach, coffee shop, mall or the park. Seeing something visually different will give you the needed boast to write a better article.

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