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A routine is essential for a home based business

A routine Is Essential for a Home Based Business

I’m trying hard not to loose my internet connection. Having a routine makes it easier to maintain your focus when you work from home. By getting into a good routine, it becomes easier to complete all your tasks and projects to both your own and your clients’ satisfaction.

A good work routine will acknowledge when you are feeling freshest, usually in the morning for most people, and will make use of the times when you feel most creative and productive. Generally, you should have a routine that fits in with your lifestyle, and allows some flexibility for the times when your work is not a priority.

Working from home means you have to be self-motivating and disciplined. This is where you’ll find having a regular routine will really help. Otherwise, it’s simply too easy to waste a big chunk of the day, before you sit down at your desk or computer and start on your tasks for the day.

Remember you are likely to be at your most creative in the mornings, when your mind and body are refreshed from sleep. Getting into a routine that entails completing your key tasks in the morning is the best option to be productive.

The best routine will also allow for exercise and reasonable breaks, in order to keep your mind working clearly throughout the day. Exercise is terrific for getting blood flow to the brain and giving you a clear head. Some people like to start the day with a walk or a jog, to get in some exercise in what can be quite a sedentary lifestyle, and to ‘blow away the cobwebs’.

Reasonable breaks throughout the day include a regular time for lunch and at least one break mid-morning and mid-afternoon, depending on your work schedule and the rest of your lifestyle. Allow some flexibility in when and how you take your breaks, to make the most of when you are thinking creatively and feeling productive and when you are suffering from mental blanks.

The routine is important to encourage you to start your work.

Starting at the same time each day will encourage productivity. As your body gets used to the routine, it is much easier to start your major tasks each day.

A good routine is to do some exercise early in the morning, shower and then sit down ready to work. Many people will spend half an hour or so in preparatory work such as getting all the papers together, reading up on notes or jotting down thoughts or catching up on where they left off the day before. Then work for an hour or so, have a brief break and then do something else on your list for an hour or so. Work on your major task for another hour before you break for lunch. Breaking up the chunks of time spent in actually doing your major task will enable you to keep your focus and enthusiasm.

When you are working, be prepared to break up your routine when you need to encourage fresh ideas. You can jump on a website and play a quick game as a mental refresher, but be careful not to spend hours playing games. Going for a quick walk, doing some housework, meeting a friend for coffee or chatting to other small business people on a forum can give you enough of a break to get back into your work.

Aim to have breaks of about half an hour at the most, and then go back to your major task. You should feel refreshed and quickly find yourself back in the flow.

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