Adding Navigation For Blog Success

Why Adding Navigation Menu/Tab is so important for Your Blog Success?


Although content is most important for success of any blog but do your blog design allows user to easily find what they are looking for? Or readers have to go to category or search box every time for finding content on your blog. If ‘Yes’, then your blog seriously needs a re-design to make your blog more reader friendly.


A most important feature of a well designed blog is its good and solid navigation system and the best way of providing this navigation system is via navigation menu or tabs on your blog. When considering the best navigation plan for your blog, first make a list of the most important, or highest-level, divisions of your blog’s content.

These are important:

Order Products
Consulting Services
Product Demos
Contact Us

5 Requirements a navigation system should satisfy :-

Can a new visitor/reader to the blog easily and intuitively find their way around the blog from any page on the blog?

Your navigation link titles should be understandable.

Can they easily navigate to Home Page from any page?

Is your contact information readily accessible from the pages where it is needed the most?

Does your blog navigation menu answers readers “Where am I?” question.
Most importantly, can the visitor quickly and easily locate the product and/or services you are selling or you want every visitor must see/read?
If your blog’s navigation menu fails to satisfy any of the points mentioned above, then it indicates that your blog’s navigation needs some redesign.

What Next ?

So you liked the idea of adding navigation menu in your blog but you don’t know how to do it ? Don’t worry much as I am going to post step by step tutorial to create navigation menu in next post. If you have creative navigation menu ideas for your blog then add them in comment I will definitely add them in next blog post.

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