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Adsense Conversion

Adsense Conversion

Google Adsense, is a Pay-Per Click (PPC) service which most online marketers are familiar with. Money can be made each time a visitor clicks on an Adsense advertisement on a blog or website.

This money is from the portion of the revenue which Google collects from the advertiser. However, do you know how it works and how to make more money with it?

How is your Adsense Ads converting?

It all depends on how well you are using your keywords. All you need to do is find the keywords that bring in more revenue per click. It may sound quite simple beforehand, a little research to get these keywords has to be done.

Although getting a lot of traffic to your blog/site will give you more impressions of your Adsense ads, you also want to get more clicks. There are a few things that you need to do to increase clicks:

Firstly, place your ads in a prime location where visitors will see them.

Next, do not have too many other links on your pages that tempt visitors to click rather than clicking on the Adsense ad.

Change the style/graphics of the Adsense ads to make them more appealing to the eyes and/or to blend in better with your blog/website theme.

Still, what really determines your Adsense conversion are the keywords that you use. The reason why Adsense is so popular is because, you are not just randomly displaying your ads to millions who do not care about what you are promoting. To be able to customize an ad for your target audience based on what they are interested in and where they find the ad, your conversion rates will increase.

Google can evaluate your site visitors’ interests based on the keywords/content that your website/blog has. When it is used in the correct way, it can be more powerful and effective than mainstream media such as the television.

Do keep in mind that the most expensive clicks are not necessarily the best in terms of conversion. Finding keywords that pays $10 to $25 per click, won’t earn very much if no one is clicking on them anyway.

Therefore, it is better to select the keywords and keyword phrases that people are often clicking on. There are many free tools to find these words.

Google Trends or the Google Adwords Keyword Tool are just a few to mention.

It is equally important to find the keywords that effectively balance the quality of the keyword (in terms of offering a good payout per click) and a high possibility that people will click on it. When you manage to hit that balance, your Adsense conversion rates will increase dramatically.

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