Advanced Blogging Part 2

Advanced Blogging Part 2

Commitment And Blog Design

This is the part 2 of the Advanced blogging. If you missed out in the part 1, check it out here Advanced Blogging: Audience and Business Model Part 1.


There over 2 million blog posts everyday with some distorted from central focus while others are run by veterans who knew how to run a blogging empire from scratch and mounting popularity with their blogs. The truth is that commitment not only to blogging and regular posting but also to a central theme throughout your entire blog quickly makes you an authority. Visit and click on Top 100 Blogs then small business.

You will see dozens of authority blogs out there but one thing you will notice about them is that they all have one or two core topics they deal with very well.

You can check out my post on How to avoid burning out as a Blogger I will try as possible to break down commitment in an understandable manner. Is either you started your blog based on motivation from other successful bloggers or as a passion you want to express.

Just like commitment to quality, global strategy and one message made Coca-Cola the costliest brand of over $80 Billion worth, your blog alone can be a sample in the blogosphere on a particular topic. I know most of us want to at least be known for Blogging Tips, SEO and Traffic and so on.

Pretty cool if I have to commend. But quite unethical because your attention will be diverted. For other blogs, though I blog about SEO and Traffic, Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing, my core central message which formed the name of the blog is Blogging tips and Becoming a successful blogger. So I try to churn out useful content on how to succeed in blogging without giving up. Thats an aspect of commitment. Here is a breakdown of different areas of commitment you need to know in blogging.

1. Commitment to a central theme or topic in a niche:

Since success is a progressive realization of a worthwhile goal, it is also paramount to understand that success has rules. Most bloggers today are very versatile at different sub-niche categories which is powerful strategy to mop up a large number of visitors. Some have succeeded at being versatile though but for a beginner, focus on a central topic. I kind of like what Ryan Lee blog dominates in CONTINUITY INCOME and Gonza Azargos blog is all about START UPS.

Locate a central message and stick to it. Every company has an industry it operates on. That alone is a simple hard knock ball to crack. Open a notepad and write out categories you can blog about. Then out of them, select the best you really want to be an authority on.

2. Commitment to regular updates:

Well, even Googlebot will forsake your site if you blog once in a blue moon. That is why is very important to have a written blogging strategy. I decided to handle this Advanced Blogging in other to give a complete guide of all it takes to hit the top of any niche in blogging. So, I first found out that few blogs has really provided this guide in this manner apart from writing a book. In other not to burn out as well as give out a comprehensive definitive guide, I broke it into alphabetical order that will take me 4 weeks to complete if I blog for two days interval or 2 weeks if I post daily. That has covered enough grounds for me without stress.

I recommend having a blogging calendar that will help you. Here is a quick illustration: Divide the week into three, assume using 2 days interval for a category. Now from Monday to Tuesday, decide to publish guest posts if you accept them or to write Pillar articles that have at least 1500-2000 words.

This kind of articles usually makes use of Top lists like 55 WAYS TO GET TO THE TOP OF A NICHE or 101 WAYS TO BUILD LINKS FOR INSTANT SEARCH ENGINE DOMINATION. Then Wednesday and Thursday maybe a guide to handle some bugging questions asked by your subscribers and Friday to Saturday for a Normal Post. Readers like something fresh each time they visit your blog. Therefore provide regular contents for your streams of visitors.

3. Commitment to comment:

Treat visitors to your blog like you are seeing them real life. Believe me, answering comments can be daunting but thats the rudiments of expert professional blogging. Remember. Commitment to replying comments is a very important aspect of creating a powerful authority blog on any topic or niche. This is one of the most important aspects of maintaining close relationship with your visitors aside from email updates. As a beginner, you will instantly notice that quite a good number of probloggers are comment addicts and it forms one of the powerful ways they connect with their readers. If you really want to be an advanced blogger, then commitment to replying comment is one of the hallmarks.


Well am not going into details to show you how to design your blog, maybe I might consider that option later. Head straight to and type How to design a blog and a whole lot of results will be displayed. For you to join the blogosphere, your blog must be standard in design and appealing. No visitor would like to come back to a poorly designed blog. Take some time and tweak your blog to taste. Here are important pages your blog must contain:


This is details of who you are and what your blog is all about. People really need to know what your blog is all about. Give a powerful definition and profile description of yourself.

Contact Page:

This is all about how your visitors will contact you. Give a detailed explanation or better still, some blogging platforms like Blogger or WordPress has this feature. Simply add this feature. You can use Html code also to add contact feature in your blog. Visit and create powerful contact forms for free. Add the html code to your contact page with a unique email account you want to use for contact

Privacy Policy: Dont get fussy. Just visit any authority blog, a typical privacy policy should be there. Copy and edit it to suite your blog or better still you can create yours using theirs as a sample. Google will not allow you into their Adsense program without a privacy policy page. Your blog should be designed powerfully to look professional. These two are powerful tips you need to know as an aspiring dotcom mogul.


Commitment is a discipline you need to impose upon yourself to succeed as a blogger. Design is a yardstick to really determine if you are a problogger or just another blogger. Remember to share your ideas.

To your success.

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