Advanced Steps To Blogging Part 1

Advanced Steps To Blogging

Audience and Business Model Part 1

So you are a blogger and you decided to be called by that name. Blogging without the rudimentary knowledge is just another potential blog to be dumped and a burden. No matter how ambitious you are to take over the blogosphere, here are 25 powerful steps that comes handy in your blogging campaign. We shall proceed in TWOs.

AUDIENCE: The first and foremost step an aspiring dotcom mogul like you should bootstrap is a winning knowledge about the right kind of people, your audience. You may be the only reader of your blog coupled with some friends you told through word of mouth if you lack this vital knowledge.

So you think you have got something reasonable enough and helpful enough to make people want to come back to your blog frequently? Whatever knowledge you have must be spread to the right kind of people for the right kind of result. So, who are your audience.

Blogging is a niche with several categories that even you can dominate any category you wish. But you have to understand what they want first and then you create a hard ball authority blog just on that niche. Here are quick action steps you need to make right away in case you havent done it yet.

Grab a notepad and write: What do you have? In fact this is the first question you have got do deal with. Remember this is ADVANCED and so dont settle for less. Everything it will take to make you a problogger lies in your discipline to start right and maintain progress on course.

Have you found out a really hot topic people are craving for? Write out 5 most important hottest topics on a niche you decided to blog in that has high demand for help and solution. A niche is a category of expertise or specialization for instance BLOGGING TIPS, DIGITAL MARKETING, SEO, SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING, TRAFFIC are both niches and sub-niches. Blogging is a huge niche on its own with other sub categories like Blog Traffic, Blog SEO, Blog Social Media Marketing and so on.

Having done that, lets consider these two options, blogging from your wealthy resource of information that forms your passion which I call PASSION DRIVEN Technique and blogging with a need at hand called SOLUTION DRIVEN.

Now, in the long run, as far as you can ever generate a sustained passion to write about that topic or niche, you can become an elite. Again, blogging with a solution in mind also places you powerfully in authority over your niche. But hey, I wouldnt state which angle is the best because both are effective. I have literally dumped 5 blogs before I started on high passion over a topic and yet seen many succeed on their passion so the problem lies with you
Downsizing your list: Now, you cannot be a jack of all, pretty much of what it takes to become an authority in blogging is mastery of at least 2 powerful topic, at least 2. Now, you may have knowledge in SEO, Digital marketing, social media marketing, blogging and blog monetization, writing but I sure bet it that your expertise, core expertise may hinge on at least any of the two or at most three.

Focus more on those two or three and build your strength on those areas. Advanced bloggers have an area of expertise, we shall come to that later.

BUSINESS: Now, you arent starting that blog just for fun, or maybe do you think so? But we both agree that your blog is a potential business platform to market yourself, your expertise to myriads of visitors worldwide. If you dont get this, you may not be ready to build your blog from scratch. You are starting philosophy will determine whether you will end up a millionaire blogger or just another blogger.

Think business when blogging and businesses are guided by principles. General Motors had a powerful business plan to rise from scratch to the top with an exceptional business plan. Your blog must form a strong business for you. And every business has a thriving model. Blogging and blog monetization has a model proven for over a decade that has proved the most powerful model that is a winner. It is called the CTPM Model meaning Content, Traffic, PreSelling and Monetization.

Content: This is churning out useful content for your subscribers that will make them come back. Provide powerful solutions through your blog.

Traffic: No matter how useful your contents are, visitors make your blog alive. That ends the discussion. Because, blog popularity answers to net-breaking flood of traffic pouring into your blog. Then, there are major sources of traffic which include Search engine traffic, social media traffic, RSS, blog synergies and contests, backlinking and guest blogging. Though, this isnt about traffic, but a quick overview of blogging to zenith.

PreSell: This is also called overdelivering. You offer something free for an email address or membership subscription to your services. Remember, poor quality preselling strategy equals snobs by visitors. Give out something of real value.

Monetization: This is when your tons of cash starts pouring in. the real money in blogging is the ability to take visitors from the best content to preselling stage to monetization. All these steps has rudiments and guidelines which we shall talk about in details soonest.

Watch out for the next blog post on Commitment and Blog Design.

– Ryan

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