Cuenca Ecuador

Apartment hunting in Cuenca

Apartment hunting in Cuenca Ecuador 

( Note: This is where my Condo In Ecuador is ) 

Head to Cuenca now to get in on, what International Living ( ) , the web’s most popular source for retiring abroad, is the number one place to retire in, well anywhere.  Cuenca, Ecuador meets all those micro requirements like affordability, low crime and favorable climate that retirees really love.  And one great option for those coming here to live are the studio apartments within the city rather than the big houses outside the city center.

If you aren’t yet sold on Cuenca, –  I am going to make a post of great reasons to relocate to Cuenca.

A  few features of apartments make the m much more user friendly than a large house.  First off, less upkeep.  A big country house will most like likely be much older and as such will require much more upkeep—roofs leak, yards need to be weeded, and the plumbing is often old tired.  Now take a new city studio.  Not quite so old, should be  in good shape, no cracks or leaks and no yard.

And what about costs?  A new apartment near the city center in the heart of the colonial district, two bedroom and two baths of  about 1,100 meters for only about $55.000!!  Or try out a luxury suite, one example I read about  was a 3,300-square-foot, two-level luxury penthouse, with 360-degree views, hardwood flooring, impressive tile work, three bedrooms, and four bathrooms for $210,000. Also included is a maid’s suite, 24-hour security, underground parking, and 110 square feet of secure storage.

But try out living in Cuenca before you settle in on it.  To rent something similar to the more modest apartment in Cuenca  would cost you about $350 per month.  Try it out for six months.  Get to know the city’s cobblestone streets and lazy afternoons in little cafes.  Cuenca offers up a thriving expat community as well, so there are many foreigners to know and make for a nice move if you should decide.

For more on Apartments in Ecuador and in Cuenca check out : and search and do a search.

Also refer back to the the previous article on the upcoming event that International living is holding here in Quito to learn more about what you need to do to get an apartment in Ecuador.

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Common Questions about Cuenca:

1-Can I buy an air purifier or flannel sheets in Cuenca?

YES, there are shopping malls and stores all over. 

2- Is there a bank in Cuenca that will pay my utility bills out of my account?

YES, there are lots of banks and ATM machines everywhere. 

3-Does Hospital Del Rio or Monte Sinai Hospital sell a health insurance plan, and is it worth it?
Thanks for your help.

Not sure, get more information here:

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