Article Marketing

Article Marketing For Newbies

Article Marketing For Newbies


This post has been created to teach the basics of article marketing for newbies who have not yet ventured into this type of marketing. You will learn the importance and the potential of article marketing and why you should start implementing this technique as soon as possible.

I personally use article marketing to drive targeted traffic to my blog posts as well as for search engine optimisation purposes. Building backlinks from the best directories will help you to increase your rankings within the search engines for specific keywords you want to target.

Open An Account!


You will now go to a good directory such as ezine articles and open a new account. Fill out every piece of information you can and connect your twitter, youtube and other social networks within your account management area. Ezine articles will send a tweet to your account, every time you upload a new article that is published and once you grow your twitter followers, this will increase the traffic to each one.

Go to the resource section within your account to set a default resource box. The resource box is an important part of your article marketing as this is what will display links back to your website. This is where the backlink will be and this is where the traffic will come from as other people read your work.

Once you have have edited your biography section, resource settings and connected your social networks, you are now ready to start the next process – writing and submitting your new article.

Before You Start!


You must choose a keyword for each article, and base your article around this keyword to get the most from this method. Go to the google keyword tool and enter your main keyword. You will then be presented with enough keywords to target. You can write an article for each keyword if you want, it makes it easier for you to know what people want to know!

Keyword Placement!


You must always remember that you should place your keyword within the title, the summary and within the body. I usually place the main keyword within the title but add other words to make it unique. I then add the keyword within two sentences within the summary.

When you start writing within the article body, ensure you put the keyword within the first sentence, all the above steps will optimize your article for the search engines as well as the search engine within the article directory.

Every 100 words, try to insert your keyword but the writing should flow and not sound like you are trying to stuff it with keywords. Always try to write your article like you are talking to a friend. Your readers will notice if you write like you are trying to sell something.

Ezine articles will will then suggest the keywords you should choose and its best to use as many of these as you can, as long as there are no stupid keywords that are suggested.

Edit Your Resource Box!


Remember that you can add two links with anchor text back to your website which will send traffic as well as a good backlink to your blog or any other website. Your anchor text link is basically a link to your website with a keyword inserted. If you have a post on your blog that is related and optimized for “Making Money Online” then your anchor for the link would be “Make Money Online” and so on.

Ryan is the founder of Ryans marketing Blog, visit his blog today and learn how to Make Money Online.

Once you submit your article or spell check the article on ezine, it will display like this:

Aden Clark is the founder of, visit his blog today and learn how to Make Money Online.

This would mean that i am targeting the keywords “ryan j lima” and “make money online ” which links to

If i carry on targeting these keywords then eventually my website will be on the first page in google for these keywords as i have optimised my website for the above words. You use this same method to target other keywords, for other pages within your website and will all depend on what you are targeting at the time.

Finishing Off!

Try to make your articles around 400-500 words and ensure the article does not sound like an advertisement or it will be declined. Just offer your readers with valuable information based on the keyword and you will be rewarded.

Spell check your article using the tools available on the posting page within ezine and make any correction before submission. Then submit and wait for your article to be reviewed. It make take a few days before its live.

If you write 5 articles per day, then over time, your traffic will increase every day as well as your search engine rankings for the keywords you have targeted and linked back to. The key to article marketing is consistency, be consistent and you will be rewarded with traffic and money.

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