Article Marketing

Article Marketing

Article Marketing, gets you more targeted web Traffic

Article Marketing, is one of the most popular and proven strategies that a blogger can use today to draw your target market to your web site. It has become very popular in the last couple of years, because it establishes you as an authority in your field, while driving large amounts of targeted web traffic to your site.

Targeted web traffic is essential to compete in today’s online business market, without it, most likely you are at a standstill getting the exposure that is needed to successfully market your products and services.

Article marketing is nothing more than writing articles which are related to your sites niche, and simply submitting them to article directories that have authority status. Since these directories have such status, they usually have good pagerank, great traffic, and well established in the search engines.

This gives you a much better chance of your article hitting the main page of the search engines, especially if you have a new website.


Also, article directories allow people to copy your work and republish, as long as the article and the resource box remains intact. What this means, is your article could end up on many sites, giving you extra exposure and traffic to your website.

You can’t write? Hire a Ghostwriter:

At first glance, many people feel that they don’t have the necessary writing skills and abort this strategy all together. However, this is just a little set back, so don’t despair, it can be over come quite easily.
You simply just need to find someone to write them for you! It sounds pretty easy right? Really, it is that easy!

How Much and Where do I find them:

You can find many good ghostwriters for just about 3 cents per word. Just visit some webmaster forums and look for content creation services. They are no reasons to go into full details of what you are doing with the article, their job is to write the article and tweak it for your niche. Basically, you just need to convey your thoughts verbally or in written form and let the ghost writer do the rest.

There are thousands of articles directories, which ones do I submit to:

I strongly suggest that you do not submit your article to every directory that you find, I would stick to just the top 3 to top 5 article directories. – – Remember, it is about quality and not quantity – –

While this article mainly focuses on article directories, there are many forums and blogs which you can post articles on as well.

Whether you choose a article directory, forum or blog, you will end up with a good backlink, sometimes even get some pagerank and most of all, free traffic for years to come.

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