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Achieving An Authority Website Status

If you want to develop a site with authority website status, there are several different factors that are to be taken into consideration. Everything from trust rank to relevance and endorsement from websites can effect whether you receive an authority website status.

Essentially, an authority website is one that is popular and well known. It is one that people refer others to for an expert opinion. If there is a particular topic that someone is searching information on, you want your name and your business to come up first. However, certainly not everyone is capable of producing such a site.

How can you receive such a status?

There are several things you can do to accomplish such a status. One of the first things, is to create a time line and produce fresh content. You need to do this because, of the amount of repetitive content on the internet that it becomes almost monotonous for people to read online. However, if you can give them fresh and enticing content, that will give them a good enough reason to keep coming back to your website.

Within this content, you want to optimize as many keywords as you can as well. Having specific keywords that you have targeted to spread throughout your web site will help you obtain higher search engines results and generate far more traffic. In addition, it makes your web site look much more professional and appealing.

Aside from the content, the next step is to focus on the web design of your site. Just as the content can effect your site, so too can the design. You want to create something that is visually appealing and will catch the readers attention. It all starts with the headline because this is the first visual element people will see when they get to your website. You want it to be bold, much larger than your page content font size, and sometimes you may want to include a graphic image in your background.

From there, you want to have graphics spread out throughout your site. With the internet changing as much as it is, it is imperative you include video and audio as well. It is becoming increasingly important to make your site as interactive as possible.

Lastly, if you want to gain an authority website status you have to make sure the content and graphics interchange smoothly. You do not want to display all of your graphics on the top and all of the content on the bottom, or vice versa. The two should be interchanged so your readers can follow along the page without skipping a beat.

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