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Tips To Get The Best WordPress SEO Results


To get the best WordPress SEO results, as with any other sort of site, you need to start by selecting good keywords (or phrases).

If you choose keywords that are too competitive you are likely to fail to get a high search engine ranking, however well you optimise your site.

The other thing you should get right at the outset if you want to get best WordPress SEO is the domain name, it will help your SEO efforts considerably if it includes your primary keyword (preferably at the beginning).

When undertaking on page SEO you must keep in mind that it is possible to do things that have a negative effect and these must be avoided (see post WordPress SEO – What not to do).

With the above ok you can then set-up your site to achieve best WordPress SEO:

Select a Theme designed for SEO – Some themes are designed for appearance whilst others include SEO in their design criteria. There are also premium themes available that add functionality for SEO purposes.

Put the Title in the URL – Make sure that the Permalinks are set to “postname” this will put the text from the page/post title into the URL. You can install a plugin that will then shorten the URL by removing common words to make it more search engine friendly.

Install a Sitemap Plugin – This will generate and maintain a sitemap for the search engines to enable them to easily find and index your content.

Install a SEO Plugin – There are a number of multifunction plugins with different levels of sophistication that will contribute to best WordPress SEO in a number of ways. If you do not want to get too deeply into SEO then “All In One SEO Pack” is probably the best option. You can start with the default settings but make sure you enter the metadata for the home page. This is what appears on the search engine results so should be drafted carefully.

Create Standard Pages – Search engines like to see these so you will not achieve best WordPress SEO if they are not present. These are About Us, Contact Us and legal pages such as Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. There should be a link to these in the header or footer.

Other SEO Plugins – There are numerous other WordPress SEO Plugins available which can contribute something towards achieving best WordPress SEO but if you are starting a new site you can look at them later – possibly with one exception.

SEOPressor – This is a plugin that does help achieve best WordPress SEO because it checks your on page SEO when you save a page or post and tells you what improvements are needed. Content is the most important part of on page SEO and it needs to be properly optimized so that the search engines see it as highly relevant to the targeted keyword.

If you achieve best WordPress SEO you will need the fewest possible backlinks to achieve your desired search engine ranking.

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