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Blackhat SEO to achieve top rankings

If your are using Blackhat SEO to achieve top rankings be Careful…



Quite a few years ago, a small group of webmasters discovered techniques that enabled them to become invisible to the search engines. This quickly became a widely used, unethical practice which spread throughout the World Wide Web.

These unorthodox SEO optimization techniques, created a evil SEO formula which empowered the invisible man “blackhat webmasters”, to achieve top rankings in the search engines.

However, it wasn’t without cost to them. The devised formula that so cleverly achieved these top rankings, also drove many of these webmasters, into madness that filled them with greed, and the never ending lust for money!

Just like the invisible man, they had their reign of terror, running amuck and spreading their insanity. However, in this scenario, they infiltrated the search engines with their superior SEO dominance! Because of their over-night optimization success. It successfully led other webmasters, to jump on the band-wagon. In order, to obtain the instantaneous formula that achieved top rankings, in the search engines. However, in this case, it was achieved by, deceitful deployment of unethical search engine optimization tactics!

In the movie, the invisible man was found out, he was shot, and died a tragic death! However, for the world of blackhat webmasters, it ends a little differently. Instead of being shot, they are removed, from the search engines, index. Therefore, this makes them invisible, just like the real, invisible man. However, that ain’t the type of invisibility they were seeking.

Their plan was devised on utilizing unorthodox methods, to achieve those top rankings in the search engines. For this strategy to succeed, these methods of deceit and trickery, would have to go undetected by the search engines and it’s users. For the most part, their plan worked exceptionally well at first. However, as time continued, these underhand tactics were slowly discovered. Therefore, slowing down the invisible man, and his plot, for power and wealth.

Listed below, are some of the most popular deceptive techniques that were employed to achieve top rankings, in the search engines:

* Keyword stuffing, including making “text content” the same color as the background.
* Tucking keywords in HTML comments, within a div.
* Utilizing images consisting of a single pixel, and stuffing them with keywords.
* Doorway pages that are created for search engines.

At first, the search engines, had to rely solely on webmasters, to turn in these individuals. However, as the search engine evolved, they were able to detect some of these unethical techniques, on their own. Therefore, they started their own spam detection teams to deal with such problems. Once, these individuals and websites were detected. The search engines, removed such sites from their search engine index, making, many of them invisible to the world!

With the tables turning on them quickly, many of these webmasters decided to change their ways. However, a small hand full, went back to their labs to improve their formula. These days, blackhat SEO is quite different. There is a circle of trust, where their main site is surrounded with trusted sites, utilizing ethical SEO optimization. The sites outside of the circle of trust use blackhat methods of various types. The sites outside the circle are considered expendable. When they are banned from the search engines, the blackhat webmaster, simply creates new sites and does the whole process all over. Therefore, they are considered to be, sacrificial lambs and sacrificed, to the search engines!

Additional thoughts:
It is my opinion that, honesty is still the best policy, and it will prevail for those that use it. The only type of invisible man SEO that I believe in is, ethical optimization that goes by your readers almost, undetected. However, for those that chose backhat techniques, it’s just a matter of time before you are found guilty, by association!

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