Boost Blog Traggic Easily

Easy Method To Boost Blog Traggic Easily

I tried a few suggestions on boosting my Alexa rankings to two of my other sites and came up with a few things that seemed to work. I believe these tips work to some degree.

One good thing about having a higher Alexa ranking is that if you are working on monetizing your site a better rank will help your chances of getting advertisers and becoming approved in Ad Networks.


For one week:

Site 1 was at 11,765,971 and today it is at 2,876,029.
Site 2 was at 1,795,926 and today is at 1,317,451. in 3 months was around 390,000.

These tips are fairly simple and only took around 2 hours of my time. So its not a lot of
work if you want to get a higher Alexa Ranking.

This seems to be a big thing sweeping the web world. So i though i would investigate on how to boost your rankings. So far a few things that have worked for me so far, I’m still testing it on a few sites to see how well these methods work.

1: Install the Alexa tool bar and set your site as your homepage. have your friends do the same. (firefox and IE)

2: Install the Stumbleupon tool bar and review/rate your site or have friends rate it. (FireFox and IE)

3: Join Social Networks Links Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

4: Add the Alexa button to your site.

5:Use the Alexa outgoing link for your site.

6: Use a autosurfer (Do not use with Google Adsense or similar)

7: Blog about Alexa.

8: Create a Facebook Page/ pages accounts for your site.

9: Traffic, Traffic, Traffic.

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