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Three Crucial Elements Needed to Build Your SEO Strategy Upon!

If you ask any SEO professional to explain what are the steps needed to build an effective organic optimization strategy, you are definitely going to get different answers. However, there are mainly three crucial elements which you need to implement to build your successful SEO Strategy.

In this blog-post, “Three Crucial Elements Needed to Build Your SEO Strategy Upon,” I will be focusing on what I believe are the three most crucial necessities, which are keyword-rich text, site architecture/page layout, and link development!

Breaking down the three crucial elements:

* Keyword-rich text:
Your pages in your site must contain keywords and keyword phrases that target your niche/audience to obtain best results for search engine rankings. Furthermore, you need to place your keywords and keyword phrases strategically so they are prominent on the pages as well. If you omit this step, your pages aren’t going to convert very well and not going to receive very much in the form of organic search engine traffic!

* Site architecture/page layout:
In order to obtain an effective SEO strategy, you are going to need a very strong foundation to build it upon. Sites that are laid out well and easy to navigate through for people and search engines, are a must! Avoid, over using flash and java, which tends to clutter up your pages and distracts your readers.

* Link development:
Your link campaign should be targeted towards other sites, which are closely related to your site niche/topic. Don’t fall prey for the big pitch on the Internet that the more links you have, the better off your are! Avoid, becoming a link hound. It is about quality links, not quality! If your site contains content that is interesting and deems helpful, people will be more willing to link to your site naturally. However, don’t forget that the more unique your content and site are, the more reason you give people to visit it and to keep coming back!

While many people will deem that one or more elements are more important than the others, I tend to believe that you should treat them equally to strengthen your SEO strategy! As I have stated before on this blog, that effective optimization is built collectively brick by brick.

Think collectively. Alos, don’t resort to unethical black hat SEO strategies to attempt to exploit the search engines.

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