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Canoa’s Beautiful Stretch of Beach

Canoa’s Beautiful Stretch of Beach

Heading about a half hour past Manta, there is Canoa, a peaceful and relaxed fishing town with an amazing stretch of isolated beach. The area is crawling with adventure travelers, exploring the natural caves at the cliff base on the north side of the beach, hitting the waves on surfing and windsurfing, and flying through the air on hanggliders.

One source even claims that Canoa has more hammocks per capita than any other coastal town. While this may not be a proven fact, Canoa is, at least for the moment, a little more laid-back than other crazy coastal towns.

Local fishermen spend the day out on the water, and surfers wander from the beach to their hostels, most of which are right on the beach front.

Canoa has lots to offer for any vacationer, as well as any businessman looking to invest in a town growing in popularity. More about Canoa’s numerous assets to come.

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