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How you can work at home or Anywhere

How you can work at home or Anywhere Find out how you can workathome, with business ideas to be your own boss and make money. “Workathome”, the ultimate resource site to help you start your Best Home Based Business.…

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WordPress, Memory Usage

WordPress, Memory Usage and Me….   WordPress Hints And Tips As we add more and more functionality to our WordPress Websites, memory usage on our webservers is becoming an issue. With some webhosts, it is possible to increase the…

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How To set up your Robots.txt file

How To set up your Robots.txt file in wordpress The Robots.txt file is a simple text file uploaded to your website to deliver instructions to search engine robots that crawl your website looking for content and pages to index.…

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How To Get A Faster Blog

How To Get A Faster Blog Today I am going to show you how to Speed Up Your Blog by over 200% with just 5 minutes of work. Speed Up Your Blog – Why Just how fast your blog…

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Authority Website Status

Achieving An Authority Website Status If you want to develop a site with authority website status, there are several different factors that are to be taken into consideration. Everything from trust rank to relevance and endorsement from websites can…

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Google Adsense

More on the Subject of Google Adsense Adwords sells ad space which shows up in Google’s search terms. When someone searches for a specific term, you can buy advertising space within those search results. For instance, if we are…

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Increase Your Conversion Rates

Add Social Proof To Your Landing Pages You observe this all the time when you visit flogs or dating landing pages, where you see something like “Chris from says…” or “Meet girls in “. Why do affiliate marketers do…

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Traffic To Your Hubpages

Getting More Traffic To Your Hubpages   One of my favorite sites to build backlinks is with Hubpages. Building hubs is part of my link wheel strategy and it works very well. An added benefit that I get from…

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Getting More Blog Comments Part 3

It’s all about the looks… Having a blog interface that is Clean Uncluttered Easy-to-navigate Easy on the eyes Attractive is extremely essential. Aesthetics matter, big time! However someone who’s been managing blogs for a while would know that it…