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Stay In Belize for 2 Months

Stay In Belize for 2 Months Belize is just a bus ride away from where I am at the moment ( Cancun mexico ). I have been living in Cancun Mexico for about 2 months and am absolutely amazed…

Establish residency in Puerto Rico (2)
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Establish residency in Puerto Rico

Establish Residency in Puerto Rico There are many reasons for me wanting to do this. I will say that living here wouldn’t be the worst thing. Amazing Caribbean waters and low tax for Entrepreneurs are just two great perks.…

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Bucket List

Move To Bali For 6 Months

Move To Bali For 1 Year + Yes! Bali has been on my list for some time now. For now, I am making my way through the Caribbean and Central America. I think it will be a few more…