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Build Your SEO Strategy

Three Crucial Elements Needed to Build Your SEO Strategy Upon! If you ask any SEO professional to explain what are the steps needed to build an effective organic optimization strategy, you are definitely going to get different answers. However,…


Dont Optimize Your Website

If you Over Optimize your website, it could eventually cause you big problems! Don’t shoot yourself in the foot and get penalized by the search engines. Do the job correctly the first time… When it comes to doing search…


Empty Pages Are Duplicate Content

Empty Pages Are Duplicate Content According to Google!   Have you ever surfed the Internet and experienced a web site that displays a blank page? I am sure that you know the ones that I am talking about. I’m…

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What is a sitemap

What is a sitemap? Confused and wondering… What exactly is a Sitemap? Sitemaps are often used as a tool to help webmasters to get search engines to crawl their web pages/URLs. A sitemap is simply a XML file containing…