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Wordpress Plugins

Using a robots.txt file

Using a robots.txt file? Update! Theres a PLUGIN FOR THAT! Using a robots.txt file can impact on your web siteโ€™s traffic and ranking in the search engines. Therefore, youโ€™ll want to remove unnecessary content in WordPress that creates duplicate…

Wordpress Plugins

Stopping Hackers with Firewall Plugin

Stopping Hackers with the WordPress Firewall Plugin! Add an extra layer of security to your WordPress blog There is no doubt in my mind that getting hacked would turn out to be a total bummer. Did you know that…

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Wordpress Plugins

Display Scheduled Posts Plugins

Display Scheduled Posts, Plugin for WordPress! Give your readers a preview of your scheduled upcoming posts Display Scheduled PostsIt has become quite common these days among WordPress users to schedule posts to be published on a future date. While…

Wordpress Plugins

Combat Spam with the Akismet Plugin

How to Combat Spam with the Akismet Plugin for WordPress Reduce the amount of pingback and comment spam that your blog receives The Akismet plugin is one of the worlds the most popular anti-spam plugin for WordPress. It does…

Wordpress Plugins

SEO Plugins You Really Need

What WordPress SEO Plugins Do You Really Need? Do you really need any WordPress SEO Plugins or are these just for advanced users who want to fine tune their SEO? There are numerous WordPress SEO Plugins available and you…