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Comment tags to boost your SEO Optimization

Are you using comment tags to boost your SEO Optimization? Be aware of using out-dated search engine optimization tactics, to improve your search engine rankings! Recently, I was checking out a new version of Hello Engines 7. It shocked…


Title Tag and its Importance

Introducing the Title Tag and its Importance The title tag takes a number one position, when we are dealing with the importance of meta tags. It also plays a major role to achieve high rankings in the search engines.…


WordPress Beginners

WordPress Beginners, Don’t Forget Your Meta Tags – Learn SEO basics to jump start your SEO optimization – Search engines have a ranking system which is derived by their algorithm. You rank depending how important you are to the…


Ping Lists – Basic Facts

WordPress Ping Lists – Basic Facts WordPress Ping Lists There are a lot of ping lists out there on the Internet these days for WordPress. Therefore, with all of lists out there and some lists including up to 100…

Airport Layovers, WordPress

Modern Websites, or Blogs

Biggest Advantage, of Most Modern Websites, or Blogs The biggest advantage of being able to edit , or update, your website, or blog, is that you can, add new content, at anytime. It’s about having the flexibility, of editing…


Big Ping List For 2017

Big Ping List for the WordPress Blogger Extending your coverage to get more web traffic! These days, big ping lists are becoming very popular among WordPress bloggers. It is believed that the bigger your ping list is, the better…

Web Development on Dark Digital Background

Remove the WordPress Info

How to Remove the WordPress Generator Don’t let hackers see what version of WP you are running The WordPress generator by default places a line of code in yourtag that displays the version of WordPress that you are running.…


Master Creating Content and Content Writing

Becoming A Master of Creating Content and Content Writing Many of y0u have probably heard the phrase “practice makes perfect” and when it comes to writing good content, it truly does apply. If you follow some of the following…


What are trackbacks

Do You Know What Trackbacks Are? Use them wisely in your blogging strategy What are trackbacks Trackbacks first started in the Movable Type blogging software, and have now become a standard feature across most other blogging software and tools.…


Duplicate Content

Duplicate Content – What is all the Fuss about? DONT COPY & PASTE… Just about everywhere we turn these days the topic of “duplicate content” just keeps popping up at us. With this topic getting so much attention, it…