Comment tags to boost your SEO Optimization

Are you using comment tags to boost your SEO Optimization?

Be aware of using out-dated search engine optimization tactics, to improve your search engine rankings!

Recently, I was checking out a new version of Hello Engines 7.

It shocked me, that they were still suggesting to use comment tags in your HTML code to boost your search engine rankings. I had to stop and think for a couple of moments. Then, I said to myself, “I thought that this technique of abusing the comment tags, had passed away long time ago?” However, there seems to be some people out there, that still believe this method still works.

For the most part, the majority of search engines have improved over the last several years. Because of these new technical advancements, they can detect comment tag tactics easier. Quite often, these websites get dropped from the search engine’s index. The main reason why this happens, most search engines out there, consider the improper use of comment tags, to be a spam tactic!

The comment tags, were originally intended for HTML coders, to be used as place markers. The comment tag, looks like this: <!- Text Comment-> and can be found in your HTML source code if one uses it. Many webmasters abused the comment tag and exploited it to improve their search engine rankings. The search engines, just ignore the comment tag.

Here, is an excellent spam example of the comment tag, used unwisely for SEO Optimization:

MISSING – IMAGE / Check Back Soon

One has to admit, that the comment tag example above, is nothing more than a bunch of spam!, it is a possibility that search engines could choose to penalize such tactics, than ignore them. Therefore, why would anyone, consider taking such a potential risk exploiting the comment tags?

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