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Consider Starting A Web Design Business

Consider Starting A Web Design Business

If you are considering starting your own web design business but have uncertainties about what to do, where to begin and how to acheive your goals, then this article may provide some insights for you to consider.


Leaving your job and starting a business in any field can be a daunting thought, especially if you have a lot of financial responsibilites to worry about. Paying rent, loans, or even numerous credit cards isnt something you can just hide under the mat. The best thing to do before you get started is – have a plan. This includes not only a business plan, but have a contingency plan as well, just incase things dont work out.

Years ago, when I left my government job and started my own web design business, I didnt have either, and it was certainly difficult at times. I recall having to live a whole fortnight on $100. Wasnt fun at all, let me tell you! However being pressured financially can work both against you, and for you. By this I mean, when you’re at the bottom, and you simply have to make money – you tend to be a little more proactive.

Theres no point chucking your job, then sitting at home in the back office simply “waiting” for clients to come knocking. Its not just a matter of posting up your services on some forum and waiting for the phone to ring either. In order to attract clients and get some real projects underway – you need to get out there and start banging on doors.

By this I mean, small local businesses in your area. Sure, you could post up on a few freelancing sites, and job services boards – but you’ll be competing with literally thousands of other developers.

No joke. Without a doubt, it was by simply going from door to door, introducing myself, handing out business cards and raising awareness about my web design business that got me started. I kept it simple and it worked, just as it can work for you too. I went from business to business, day after day, until I got a yes – then I secured the deal and generated business. If I hadnt done this, Im pretty sure I wouldve ended up back at work!

If you’re considering starting a web design business, by all means, give it a go. But consider starting it in your own time, or during a holiday break from your full time job, just to get a feel for it. You might be pleasantly surprised at just how easy it really is once you get started.

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