Dealing with Setbacks

Dealing with Setbacks

I’m going to start making random posts on the topic of motivation, success, and personal development because I think it’s important. Having the right mindset when you attempt to accomplish something will go a long way. This post will be on dealing with setbacks.


If you want to be successful with your internet business, you need to realize something, success isn’t easy. Here’s the best advice that I can give you on this subject. Once you find out the true price of success, meaning what it will take, you will have to be willing to accept it 100%. Once you do that, get to work.

You see, most people fail because they don’t fully grasp what it takes to be successful with an internet home business. So many people expect to be making tons of money within a few months. We’ve all been brainwashed by stupid ads claiming amazing success by some guy or girl with some sad story. Although some of those stories are true, you have to realize that thinking that is going to be your case is like trying to win the lottery. The sooner you accept the fact that success is going to take work, time, and having to deal with a lot of setbacks, the better the chance you have at becoming successful at building residual income online.

Any person who has achieve success could have came up with a valid excuse to quit during their journey but they didn’t. That is why they are successful. Get rid of your stories of why you can’t succeed or how the world is against you or how you grew up poor or how you have bad luck.

We all have reasons why our life should turn out like crap.

The point is that setbacks will happen to everyone no matter how good you are at something. That’s just life. You either have to learn how to deal with it and keep moving on or do like most people and whine, bitch, and complain about it and hope someone will throw you a pity party. If the second scenario describes you, don’t worry, you can change that. Here’s how.

Dealing with Setbacks

1. Recognize the price.

* Jot down the sacrifices you will have to make while pursuing your goal. Anything you can think of.

2. Accept the price.

* Ask yourself if you are truly willing to accept the sacrifices. Once you make that decision to accept them, don’t ever complain or whine once the going gets tough. Remind yourself that you chose this path and that if it’s worth the price then it’s worth the fight.

3. Plan for setbacks.

* Like I said, setbacks, challenges, obstacles… these things are inevitable. It’s not about avoiding them, it’s about what you are going to do when they happen to you. You need to come up with a game plan.

If you were making $100 a month in residual income online and one day something happens that is out of your control, such as an affiliate program of yours decides to shut down its business, what will you do? What is your plan of action? Will you curse your bad luck and quit or will you roll your sleeves up even higher and work even harder?

Accept the fact that nothing in life is a guarantee except for death and taxes. You can achieve your dreams, be living the life you’ve always wanted one day and have the rug pulled out from underneath you the next. Of course there are things you can do to reduce the damage of these types of things happening but the point here is that setbacks will happen. How will you react to them?

The Power of Having a Coach

If you study a bunch of successful people, you will know that almost all of them have a coach or a mentor to help them. Whether it’s in sports or in business, having a coach will give you a competitive edge on your competition.

One of the great things about having a coach is that they have gone down the path you are going down. When you are met with a setback and don’t know what to do, they can help you because they’ve dealt with the same setbacks before. When you feel like quitting, when things get too overwhelming, when you start thinking there’s no use, a coach can come in and put things into perspective for you.

You see, the tougher the challenges you go through, the stronger you will become mentally. If you’ve ever been in sales, one of the toughest things to have to deal with is rejections. The great thing is that the more rejections you deal with, the stronger your mentality becomes. If you’ve successfully dealt with hundreds of rejections, when another one shows up, you won’t even think much of it. This is the same with coaches.

They’ve been through so much that nothing seems to phase them anymore. They’ve been through all the crap and setbacks that you are going to go through. While you have no idea if you can get through them, they do, because they’ve done it before. Having them by your side will be a huge help in terms of mental support. They can help reassure you and remind you that the setbacks you’re facing are all part of the game. They can give you the faith and belief to keep going.

Remember this: The greater the challenge, the sweeter the victory.

No matter how tough things get, if it’s worth pursuing then it’s worth persisting.

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