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Do people really live longer in the Valley of Vilcabamba?

Do people really live longer in the Valley of Vilcabamba?

Scientist believe they do. Although longevity studies are not as popular today as they were say 20 or 30 years ago, many have weighed in their opinions on Vilcabamba, Ecuador. They feel the people really do live longer, and you don’t need a scientist to tell you that. Take a brisk walk through the city and you’ll see what they mean; crowns of gray hair adorn many of the city’s residents.

Theories on why residents live so long in Vilcabamba abound. Some of the reasons are thought to be:

  • Pure air due to negative ionization
  • Perfect mineral balance in the drinking water
  • Better climate
  • Cultivation of “Yuca Tuber”
  • Genetic factors

In reality, combining all the discoveries scientists have made in regards to longevity in Vilcabamba creates a pretty solid basis for extended life span. It is not likely that it is just the air, or just the water, but rather a combination of the geographic location, climate, soil, air, water and way of life that keep these residents so young.

To read further about the research done by scientists in Vilcabamba click here.

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