Domain Names with Hyphens

Domain Names with Hyphens, are Fading Fast!

It wasn’t that long ago that Domain names with hyphens were very popular, and used as a SEO strategy. People quickly noticed that the search engine’s algorithms were taking keywords from the Domain name/URL into account, and saw the search engine optimization (SEO) impact it had with the search engines. It wasn’t very long after that, people jumped on the (SEO) band wagon and started using this as a main stream SEO strategy to rank well in the search engines.

Prior to this discover, it was said by many SEO experts that the search engines couldn’t find keywords in the URL, unless they were separated by hyphens.
* Example of a Domain name with hyphenated keywords: “keyword1-keyword2-keyword3”

Furthermore, it was believed that the search engines saw multiple keywords without the hyphen as a single word.
* Example of a Domain name without hyphenated keywords: “keyword1keyword2keyword3

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However, because people abused this search engine algorithm and some sought out to exploit it to the max, keyword rich Domains no longer carry the (SEO) weight, as they did before when it comes to search engine

Additional concerns about Domain names with hyphens

* Domain names containing hyphens are not as professional as Domain names without the dashes.

* Hyphenated Domain names are harder to remember and to type than un-hyphenated Domains.

You’re not going to get much of an argument from me, that hyphenated Domain names were at one point, very effective to rank very well in search engines for the keywords used in the URL. However, when was the last time that you saw a hyphenated Domain name actually ranking in the top ten of Google?

It is my opinion that the SEO effectiveness of Domain names with hyphens, is considered as old school SEO and fading away in the world of search engine optimization. Furthermore, looking at top ten ranking results in the top three search engines doesn’t warrant any reason to pursue the use of them.

Hope this blog post was helpful

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