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Domain Popularity

Understanding, What is Domain Popularity

If you want to rank high in the search engines, your website must have Domain popularity. Domain popularity, plays a major role with ranking in the search engines and increasing PageRank. You need Domains that are linking back to you, especially the ones that are related to your site’s niche.

Search engines, will list their search engine query results by relevancy. These search results are displayed to the end user, and they are based on the importance and trust, that the website carries. Basically, the search engines provide you with information that is the most relevant, gathered from authoritative sources. Your Domain authority status is determined by popularity, and it is calculated from the amount of sites that are linking to you.


The more authority sites that link back to you, the better chances you have of obtaining top search engine results for your keywords. It is said, that Domain popularity is the determining factor, that will make or break your search engines ranking results.

Since Google has the largest market share of the search engines, Domain popularity is a must, if you are looking to ranking well in the Google search engine. On the World Wide Web, competition is fierce, and Domain popularity could be used as a determining factor that sets you apart from your competitor.

Additional comments:

It is far better to have 10 backlinks from 10 individual sites than 10 backlinks from just one Domain. Sitewide links are on their way out, mainly, because of too many people exploiting them to achieve top rankings in the search engines and increasing PageRank.

Another thing to consider, do not use PageRank as your main determining factor when you are searching for sites to get backlinks from. Consider looking for sites that have achieved Google “sitelinks” authority status. If a website has obtained “sitelinks” authority status, Google trusts that site as an source that provides information information that is trusted by Google.

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