Dont Optimize Your Website

If you Over Optimize your website, it could eventually cause you big problems!

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot and get penalized by the search engines.

Do the job correctly the first time…

When it comes to doing search engine optimization, one must be careful not to over optimize. Most beginners in SEO optimization make this mistake. Eventually, this oversight is going to create some problems. This will cause one to lose organic web traffic and search engine rankings.

One of the biggest problems with over-optimizing is acquiring backlinks to fast. If your website is relatively new, building backlinks too quickly, could get one flagged by the search engines. Choose a link building strategy that the search engines consider friendly to avoid getting your site penalized.

Set your focus on web sites that are closely related to your site niche. Do not focus on PageRank as your objective! Your primary goal, should be on websites that have substantial traffic volume, which are closely related to your niche. Focus on quality sites that do not link to any bad neighborhood websites!

The number of backlinks to acquire depends on the age of your website.

Avoid getting hundreds of new backlinks weekly if your site is brand new! If your website is well established, getting a rapid surge of additional backlinks could get one flagged.

Keep in mind that search engines track your website and its overall history. This includes the average amount of backlinks acquired over time. If your website receives a sudden burst of backlinks, it could probably set off one of their alarms. Be aware that quality backlinks are more valuable than quantity!

Getting flagged by the search engines is much like getting audited by the Internal Revenue Service. Either way, big brother will end up standing over your shoulder watching your every move. Take some time to do your research before you start your back linking campaign. Otherwise, one could end up shooting themselves in the foot and get your website penalized by the search engines. Don’t Over Optimize your website”!

My backlink campaign strategy is fairly straightforward. From time to time, I sometimes get a few new backlinks that are niche related to my website.

I continue to focus on writing quality content that will be compelling.

That should give people an enough “incentive” to link to me on their own accord! Therefore, I end up acquiring backlinks that are natural which the search engines love.

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