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Staying in Ecuador? Insurance for Expats

So you want to be an expat?

Do you got what it takes?

Well, if you haven’t got insurance, you haven’t got it all. Living abroad has much different ramifications than travel and any decision to make a go of it should include an investigation into health insurance plans. Continuing from our article two weeks ago where we checked into travel insurance plans, I had a look into different health insurance plans especially designed for long term overseas stayers. What’s important to understand is that your health insurance plan back home won’t be applicable overseas, thus it’s essential to have a reliable comprehensive plan for life’s uncertainties abroad.

While searching through the top 10 Google I stumbled into William Russel’s plans, and suffice it to say I was impressed. What I found very impressive with this type of insurance is that it offers a much more comprehensive term for a cheaper price than what I have with my Blue Cross coverage back home. Not only is all the normal hospital stuff covered i.e. ambulance, physiotherapy, hospital stay and the like, but even dental !?

Preoccupied with having to recover from a prolonged illness alone, expat coverage actually reimburses the accommodation of another who might have to come to care. W. Russel’s coverage connects you with loved ones back home and alleviates, for me, one of the biggest preoccupations I have being the stranger in the strange land.

William Russel’s insurance comes packed full of other impressive benefits to assist you abroad. It offers compensation for compassionate travels home should a loved one fall ill or pass away and emergency evacuation should you be somewhere far from any decent hospital. Also, they offer for supplemental coverage for trips you might take to go visit the family and friends back home as well optional add-on travel insurance for when you are vacationing out of your designated country of residence—covering the normal lost luggage, missed connections, and infirmities while on the go. Expat insurance leaves nothing to chance.

Now the turkey talk: cost and benefits—what about them?. Well our test subject, a white, single male at 34 in perfect health lays out the bill of sale. For the bronze plan—the middle of the ground plan with a million dollar annual limit, 0 out of pocket, including the three add-ons: a 45 day, 100,000$ US coverage per annum option, travel insurance, and a 75,000$ life insurance plan one pays a mere 161.83 per month or $1849.64 per annum. Not bad.

I encourage you to explore more. Search on Google and compare different plans. One might work better for you than another. But do it. Don’t leave anything to chance while far away from home. Hey, and with rising health costs in the states and with plans like this, it might just be a whole lot more economical to reside abroad.

To check out more about expat insurance see William Russel’s website.

Also, if you are just heading to Ecuador for a trip, you should check out these travel insurance plans.

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