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Five questions that will help you stop Procrastinating

Procrastinating about your work? Five questions that will help you stop.

procrastination-powerpoint-Procrastination Purge Worksheet

Procrastination workshops “I’m not procrastinating, I’m just…..”

Sound familiar?

Or am I the only person who goes into the ‘occasional’ denial about why I’m just not getting on with completing a task.

I was walking my dog the other morning at the local dog park and was chatting to a few of the regulars. I was explaining how I really must get on with a task as I needed to get it to a client in a few days. I just needed a bit more time..

There was a loud laugh and a “you’re procrastinating, just get on with it!” from one of them. To which I quickly replied “I’m not!” This was followed by more laughter and a sheepish agreement from me that it was probably true. Well not probably, it was. Sigh…

And this got me to thinking about why I was procrastinating. I actually knew deep down why I was, I just hadn’t admitted it to myself. It was because I wasn’t enjoying the work I was doing and found it an intrusion on my day.

What am I going to do to stop procrastinating? Well for one I’m going to be more mindful of the type of work that I accept and the reasons why.

I’ll be asking myself:

is this work that I enjoy or love doing? If not, do I really want to accept it?
if I do accept work that’s not high on the enjoyment factor, what can I do to make it more fun for me?
what’s the impact if I don’t accept the work – financially and personally
what’s the impact if I do accept the work – personally and financially
am I fulfilling my expectations about work and life or others

What do you procrastinate about? And why? What are you doing to reclaim the time you lose procrastinating and delaying what you know will need to be done.

Sheets To Help you out:




Procrastination Purge Worksheet - template

As the Irish dramatist George Bernard Shaw said “Take care to get what you like or you will be forced to like what you get”. Hmmm…

What other questions do you ask? What do you do to stop procrastinating?

Thanks for reading – Ryan

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