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I found SEOmoz though Pepperjam Network which is my affiliate network. SEOmoz was one of the affiliates there that caught my attention. After checking out there site I came across a heap of information and a good source of SEO Tools. You have probably seen a link or ad on blogging4cash to there site with the advertising slogan Read SEOmoz, Rank Better.

There articles are very informative and worth every penny you spend to get full access to the site, but the good news is they have free articles also that are a good read as well.


Along with there articles they have a great blog and the YOUmoz blog. The SEOmoz blog also has a lot of articles that are free to read and most readers will get some useful knowledge out of. What really caught my eye is the YOUmoz blog where members of SEOmoz can put up there own post and tips for others to read. To post on the YOUmoz is free and all you have to do is sign up and share your information with others. Sounds like a good way to promote your SEO articles and get a new line of readers.

Now one of the main reasons I found SEOmoz more useful than most SEO sites is there SEO tools. I always like to find a few new and helpful SEO tools and SEOmoz has a nice set of tools that may come in handy and are worth checking out. A few are free to use and some you need to have a account to use. With a free account you get access to more of the tools but it is limited to how often you can use them, like once a day. There is an array of tools to play around with.

I was really interested in there crawl test your sites accessibility to search engines and if your site has any errors that might keep it from being crawled correctly. There are also other helpful tools that they offer.

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SEO Tools Available:

Term Target – Helps determine how targeted a particular page is for a specified keyword by analyzing a variety of factors.

GeoTargeting Detection – Discover how well your website is targeted to country specific search engines.

Check out SEOmoz and get the latest SEO tips and tricks along with some great tools give you blog a good SEO workout.



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