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Getting More Blog Comments Part 3

It’s all about the looks…


Having a blog interface that is

  1. Clean
  2. Uncluttered
  3. Easy-to-navigate
  4. Easy on the eyes
  5. Attractive

is extremely essential. Aesthetics matter, big time!

However someone who’s been managing blogs for a while would know that it is anything but easy to be able to come up with a perfect blend of the abovementioned!

It is doable though. But at the end of the day, there are some do’s and don’ts you need to consider.

The Theme

First off, choose the correct theme is very important. If you’re on WordPress (I recommend you should blog on WP), choose a customized theme. There are quite literally, a plethora of amazing-looking customized themes available out there! You’ll probably have to part with a few of your greens for a good theme, but it all depends on your budget and pocket. Go for one which you think goes best with the type of the blog you do and is within budgets as well. Your homepage should be designed in a way that attracts anyone who visits it.

Furthermore, invest in a good banner as well, if need be. Design one yourself or have it designed. Ditto for a god background (if need be).

Your theme determines if your blog is attractive to keep visitors, has a reader-friendly interface, and doesn’t use colors or fonts that are too hard to read. Choosing the right combination of colors and fonts is important.

Easy on the Ads!

Stating the obvious here, but too many ads on your pages are likely to have visitors leave your blog as soon as the page loads up. Ads should only be placed in specific places, away from your content. And it should be ensured that they are related to the theme of your website. Look into other ways of putting ads on your website than the obvious ones (AdSense).

The Pages

A website or a blog needs to have separate pages for every separate thing. Refrain from putting all content on one page, and instead make multiple pages and divide your content across them all. Each individual page should be easily accessible through a top or a side-bar. Having a proper navigation in place is essential. Your visitors should not need to look for information that they require, it should be readily available and accessible from any page. If there’s too much information, classify it into a few broad categories and use drop-down or pop-up menus to keep it organized and clean.

The Visual Appeal

Like mentioned in the last post, your posts, your pages and your blog/website in general should be visually appealing. Use images and videos for this purpose, but once again, do not over-do it. Use embedded Youtube, mp3’s, GIF’s, anything. But in moderation.

Browser Compatibility

Your blog should be compatible with all browsers out there. The pages should open up in the exact same way across all browsers. A page should not look different in Firefox or Chrome. Before rolling out your website, do extensive testing in this regard. Test your pages using Chrome, FF, Explorer, Safari, Opera et all.

Attention to Detail

Many people choose to completely ignore this. Small details matter people! In fact, making sure you are someone who gives attention to even the minutest of details leaves a good impression on your clients and visitors alike!

Concluding Words

Read this excellent piece on how you can improve your blog aesthetics. We would love to hear your thoughts on this, do leave us a comment in the comments section!

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