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Getting Organized ( MASSIVE OUTLINE BELOW )

Some people think spending time getting organized is a waste of time, but they should think again. When people allow clutter to form, it will eventually become overwhelming.

But when you’re organized, you will definitely save a lot of your time searching for things. Organized people have system which frees them from searching for things.

Clutter forms. You spend one day to clear the clutter. Then it forms again. Then you plan for another ‘special’ day to clear the clutter once more. Does this sound familiar? Are you feeling overwhelmed by clutter?

Well there is a simple solution! You simply need a system to help you get organized. The articles below will show you how to get organized by organizing your things; and it also covers tips and techniques on how to clear a nasty pile of paper, and most importantly, create systems to get organized!

( Outline #2 ) Organizing Your Computer Files

Create An Organized System with these tips for organizing computer files. Make important files easier to locate and access.

Article Outline

1. Introduction

2. Consistent System

3. What You Should Not Do

4. No Such Thing As Temporary Storage

5. Groups and Sub-Groups

6. How To Speed Up The Process of Locating Electronic Files

7. How to Keep It Clean And Organized

8. Final Tip


I never really thought of organizing computer files last time; initially I thought it was only necessary for papers. Maybe this was because back then I never really depended on the computer that much.

But as the more electronic documents I had, the more frustrating it was for me to find a simple document on my computer. Eventually I had to come up with a proper electronic filing system.

And if you have the same problem as I once had, I hope these tips for organizing computer files can help you.

Consistent System

What I found important is to use your own system consistently is the best method for searching files quickly. I say this because when I had less documents I used a simple system of just placing four frequently used folders on my desktop.

But as I had more and more ‘important’ documents, my whole desktop was swarming with folders. The transition phase from a simple to a complicated system really slowed my search for files drastically. This was when I had to come up with a system and stick to it.

Consistent use of one system is the most important factor for an effective filing system. It is not about having three or four electronic filing system.

Here is how you can follow a consistent system, but you should change it to suite your own needs, and stick to it!

What You Should Not Do

One thing I used to do was to label my files with certain abbreviations which is not a useful system. When you first name a file ‘KOE’ you might remember it right now, but if you need it two years later you might not remember it.

This can really slow your search, so have consistent names for each of your folder. Try not to be too fanciful with the names. It’s better to be specific with the names, instead of naming a file ‘meeting’, be more specific like work_meeting_20x9.

No Such Thing As Temporary Storage

Avoid storing electronic documents temporarily in random places. Immediately file your electronic documents in its respective category. Don’t wait. If there isn’t a category for it, create it immediately.

Organizing Computer Files By Having Groups and Sub-groups

Like any other filing system, have specific groups for the same type of files. My files were all over the place. Only after I grouped them together, it was much more organized.

After having a specific document it grew so big that even within the folder it was rather messy. So I decided that certain things like receipts could be grouped by months. I had sub-groups in the folder from January until December.

How to Speed Up The Process of Locating Electronic Files

Keep in mind that I mentioned in the above section; avoid giving your files too fanciful names. The most effective way to label a file is knowing what keywords you will use to search for that particular document next year.
When I practice effective labeling of my files, I just used the computer’s search** feature to locate my files. This really is the fastest way to locate your file sitting with several hundred files on your computer.

Just type the keyword in, and the computer will locate all files containing that keyword. This was the reason why I said don’t give names like ‘KOE’ to a file. Heck you might not even remember what ‘KOE’ stands for next year. Instead name the file with a relevant keyword.

** For those who are not familiar with the ‘search’ feature, just click start and you will see the Search button. Then just type in the keyword and it will automatically search all files containing that keyword.

Keep It Clean and Organized

First, make sure you delete irrelevant things that you don’t need. Some documents two years ago may not be useful anymore.
Have a maximum of five frequently used documents on your desktop. Apply the groups and sub-groups method of filing.

For those electronic files that you need to keep but cannot delete yet, create a special folder with the name ‘old files’.

By doing this, all your old files which are not used frequently will not distract you, and will not take up space anywhere else on your computer. Old files should be grouped together.

Some old files which are not used completely may be important one day, so burn it onto a CD or save it to a USB flash drive. And remove it from your computer.

Final Tip Organizing Computer Files

Do backup your files, it’s important to delete old irrelevant files, but always do a back up of your files just in case.
And just don’t forget to use keywords for your titles, this will really speed up the process of searching, because you can use the search function on your computer to locate files in the near future.

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