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Golden Harvest Classic is a free WordPress theme which has been designed and developed by a friend of mine in the Internet Marketing field.

The theme has been developed taking into consideration various standards and every possible measure has been taken to ensure that the code used is very clean, efficient and optimized for better performance and indexing.

Themes that are released here on this blog emphasize on gaining the look desired using the least amount of XHTML and CSS. After all, the art isn’t just in a design but even in the code that renders it. The theme guarantees maximum cross browser compatibility and has been tested in IE, FireFox, Opera, Sarafi and Chrome. It’s compatible with WordPress versions.

Provisions for Adsense or any other 468×60 code are located in the header section of this WP theme.

For further information, read the “readme.txt” file that is included with this theme.

Theme  1

Theme 2 

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