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Grammar and Spelling Tools for SEO Optimization

Grammar and Spelling Tools for SEO Optimization

I speculated that grammar and spelling, could, play a vital role in acquiring Trust Rank. This is based, primarily, on the search engine users experience. A well written article without grammar and spelling errors, will tend to earn more trust. Since, Trust Rank, contributes to the PageRank factor, it is my belief, that we will be seeing more evidence in 2012 of its importance.

While SEO continues to evolve, one will have to adapt, to keep your rankings in the search engines, Page Rank and Trust Rank. Be aware, that when changes are made to the mixture ingredient of SEO Optimization, it could affect your search engine rankings!

Grammar and Spelling Suggestions:

* Always focus on page content. The Internet is driven by content!
* Make sure that your page content is unique and of interest to your readers and search engine users.
* Take the time to spell check and grammar check your page content, before you publish it.
* You may want to consider what grade level of reading, is best for your visitors.

Here is what Matt Cutts had to say on the issue on: Spelling and Grammar

There are tons of free online tools that allow you to correct spelling and grammar errors. A well-written article, will have the tendency to  withstand the sands of time, as well!

Free spelling tools and plugins:

* After the Deadline –
* Grammar Girl –
* SpellCheckPlus –
* Copy Compass –

Grade your papers:

* PaperRater –

Other various tools, related to article witting:

Plagiarism checkers:

* Viper –
* –

Free article rewriter and spinner tools:

* Article Queen –

Free Keyword Niche Finders:

* WordStream –

Free TrustRank Checker:

* SEO Mastering –

Additional thoughts pertaining to improving grammar and spelling:

With all the free tools that are available on the Internet. You can improve your page content, quite easily! Allowing you, to make your content, grammar and spelling, error free!

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