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Historic Hacienda Stays—Half the fun is getting there

Historic Hacienda Stays—Half the fun is getting there

Ever wanted to feel like Butch Cassidy or Sundance riding free over the Andean hills of South America?  Well, you don’t have to be a bank robber in exile to do so anymore.  The Folks at Ride Andes have it all sorted for you.  Just book online, fly down and they take care of  the rest.    Airport transfers,  accommodation, horses—and you won’t have to worry about the cops tracking you down.  Ride Andes is one of Ecuador’s most distinguished outfitters for Horse tour holiday adventures.  Don’t know how to ride—don’t let that stop you.  Ride Andes even gives riding lessons.

Most popular amongst the tours is the Colonial Hacienda tour.  Imagine setting off on beautiful grassy tracks taking in the Northern Highlands of the Andean Valleys all the way through to the arid plains of Cotopaxi national parks.  Each day of the seven day tour takes in a new Hacienda.

These are a select bunch of Haciendas chosen for their historic and luxuriant appeals—some date back to 1600′s and one of them has taken existing ancient Incan structures and incorporated them into the existing walls.  And what an incredible way to arrive—kick your boots up and warm to a fire and delicious home cooked meal well earned after a canter through some of Ecuador’s stunning scenery.

Owned and operated by Englishwoman, Sally Vergette,  Ride Andes has been long established for 15 years since 1996.  Sally still guides many of the tours and has a highly devoted and experienced group of native guides.  These folks know these hills like back of their horses hooves.   Other than the Hacienda tours, one has the option to circle Cotopaxi on another 8 day option, taking in all the beauty of Cotopaxi National Park.  The itineraries are 8 days and require an intermediate to advanced level of horsemanship, though the tours can be adjusted to shorter itineraries to encompass any riders needs and time constraints.

Contact Ride Andes for more info and a full list of all riding options here in Ecuador and throughout South America:

Not a huge fan of horses? Tour the Andes on a bicycle.

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