How To Put Video On Your Blog

How To Put Video On Your Blog

Blog Video basics

It’s obvious to almost anybody who was watched a YouTube trailer movie that online Video is one of the most powerful and persuasive forces online. Movies is used to entertain, inform, to demonstrate, prove or disprove a theory and as a means of clarifying a complex issue. The old saying that “a picture speaks a thousand words” has never been more true than it is today.

Just like the rest of the Internet online Video has gone through all the usual stages of development to such an extent that now anybody with even the minimal amount of knowledge is perfectly capable of putting up a screen capture movie on a webpage.

You Tube however is only one aspect of the Online video Phenomenon. It’s true that since Google purchased YouTube in 2006 for the enormous sum of $1.6 billion, and poured a Ton of resources into the project that online video has really exploded as a medium online.

Watch the video below.

Online Video – YouTube plugins for WordPress

Perhaps the easiest method of getting a video into a blog post is to simply go to YouTube and take the video code and insert it into your post. If only it was that simple, well actually it almost is.

In order to you to pull YouTube video into your blog post you need a special plug-in called Smart YouTube. The plug-in is installed and activated it simply a matter of putting the right code into your post along with the YouTube code for that video and you’re all set. The plug-in itself is free and it doesn’t cost a thing to download a video from YouTube or to use the coding to embed the Online Video. So perhaps the simplest method for getting Online Video onto your blog is to take one from YouTube that happens to be relevant to the subject you’re blogging about and to use that.

Why you Need Video on Your blog

Video has a separate class when it comes to Google and its indexing algorithm. In other words Google values video over the written word. Google also loves the blogging platform especially WordPress. So A video hosted on a wordpress blog has more value and is ranked higher which will result in a better chance that your video will be listed in the search engines.

In terms of your readers, Video is a visual tool and some people prefer watching over reading. So if you have a written post and a video that shows the intent of the written word then you are catering for a wider audience and making the post available to more people. Which of course leads to more viewers and more potential customers.

Other video Plugins

there are lots of plugins that are designed to help with Video hosting. Some of the more popular ones are below.

1. WordPress video Plugin

2. Embedded video

3. Flash Video Player

If you need anymore options for hosting video on your wordpress blog then check out where you can find a bazillion options for any plugin they have in their repository

Video is simply a “Must Have” for bloggers

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