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How to sell your travel story or feature

Selling your travel writing

There are various method that you can employ to help sell your travel writing. The biggest thing to remember is that the people you are trying to sell your article (travel editors, magazine editors, web site editors) are among the busiest people in the publication business.

It is like the personnel manager who receives numerous CVs and only has time to skim read without going into any detail. You must consider this when you are pitching to these people.

There are essentially three ways in which you can attempt to sell your article (and yourself) to decision makers.

Sending in a story with no prior communication.

Also known as unsolicited submission this is one of the most common ways of selling your article. It also remains as one the least successful methods to sell your travel writing.

There are a number of drawbacks when you employ this method. For instance you have absolutely no idea whether your article if fit for purpose or even if the topic itself is being considered by the publication at the time. It is a real shot in the dark.

Another issue is that you can only send in your article to one newspaper, magazine, web site an any one time. You simply cannot risk two different magazines publishing the same work as it will ruin your reputation. In this business reputation is everything.

Making communication with an editor about your idea

This option involves you making some sort of contact with the editor before you start to write and better still before you actually travel. This method minimises many of the issues that were highlighted above.

It should be noted that the communication channel that you open is better done electronically as many editors would prefer a simple email rather than a telephone call.

If you get positive feedback about your idea and then execute your plan with a well written piece this will greatly enhance your chance of selling your travel article. At worst it may save you a lot of money, time and effort writing about a subject that won’t sell.

Most importantly with this approach is to ensure you have thought through your idea clearly and be precise. Travel editors will be looking for someone who is clear about their objectives.

Making communication and being told that your story will be published

This is what every travel writer wants. The editor loves your idea and gives you a guarantee that your work will be published. Not only will this ensure you get paid for your travel story but you will probably be able to claim expenses such as flights and hotels.

The method is similar to above but the more precise you can make proposal the better. It will also help to do some research into trends and try and second guess what the publication might be up to publishing wise.

Any ground work and research will put you ahead of the competition and you can count on their being competition!

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