How To Write The Best Engaging Content With Killer Headlines

 How To Write The Best Engaging Content With Killer Headlines in Your Niche using Twitter

Borrow the principle behind newspaper stories and headlines. They are tweaked to instantly attract and keep a reader to the very finishing sentence. You can have a central message with unique useful information but when your headline carries poor attraction, as well as poor body development, it may look like any other blog post.

Most visitors are tired of old regurgitated tips and so when you provide them with old tips with same solo-headline, they often tend to ignore your blog. But to be a successful blogger and to dominate your niche with social media aside from Google SEO and Rank Domination, you need to master how to write powerful killer headlines bearing engaging content.

Here goes:

Get to know exactly what your audience crave for

One the very first principles I can remember being taught as a kid was how to become wealthy by sourcing for what people demand and offering instant solution. High demand creates professional authority bloggers because they created exactly what the community is craving for. How to know this is by visiting other authority blogs in your niche.

What I mean by authority blogs are blogs that have been established as a resourceful destination for specific topics and niches. Visit social media like twitter and type in your niche name or topic in the search bar. View the different results. Majority of them were posts the owners who are bloggers tweeted.

Now visit their websites and blogs and check out the number of comments they have. Borrow a tip and go and create a better and advanced post on that or related posts on that.

Better still, you can check out useful tips they didnt include and come up with a pillar article on it. Use Microsoft Excel and write down variations of high demand topics or themes people will crave for, especially in your niche.

Use a Bootstrappers technique to dominate that Niche Topic or Sub-category

Now, grab a notepad. Lets be a little practical. There are 2 million blog posts everyday and I dont think majority of these bloggers are newbies. Most are macho-gurus in what they blog about. Some have experience of 5-6 years in blogging and writing. How do you figure beating them, huh? What you need as a start-up blogger or veteran is what I call Bootstrappers technique.

Those variations of keywords, topics and themes bloggers posted and tweeted you saw at twitter search results when you searched for your niche topics are your tools of dominance. Now, if you havent done this yet, head straight to Twitter and search for a particular theme. Here is what I mean:

Say you blog about BLOGGING TIPS, search for this sentence in Twitter. Select the best 10 that really attracted you that you really would like to see. Write out their headlines and a quick summary of what it was all about. Now here is the technique to beat them to the top both in twitter and to keep your visitors satisfied with your content. This makes you an authority if you do this over time. It not only helps you churn out rich articles but also help you stay atop of latest tips and infos in your niche as well as leads you to high pagerank blogs for backlink especially, DoFollow blogs.

Here goes:

Do a quick rundown of the similar ones. Of course there should be. Now select the best 3 or 5 that are different. Write them out. Visit those blogs again to check how they wrote and what they didnt include.

Also check what their readers asked or commented. Take note of these and write at least a powerful killer post that is exhaustive on this topic or theme. Add up more powerful tips.

Create a powerful headline and make your article engaging

Now, brainstorm on a powerful topic that will have high click-through both in Google search result and elsewhere. Again, check the headlines of those blog posts and create a powerful yet direct headline that instantly explains what your blog post is all about.

Post this on your blog and share it to the world!

If you really want to be an authority in your niche, a top blogger to reckon with in the blogosphere in a short time, adopt this technique when writing similar blogposts other bloggers have written.

– Ryan

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