Image ALT Tag Optimization

Image ALT Tag Optimization

– Get more SEO from your images –

The image ALT tag is used to give your .jpg, .png or .gif images a (alternative) description. The tag is easy to add and doesn’t require any HTML coding that is complex. Using this tag will also get you some search engine optimization mileage. You have nothing to lose and web traffic to gain by using this SEO technique.

(( Image ALT Tag ))

It is a practice to include the image ALT tag with all web images you add to your web site. They serve as a visual aid for your visitors and search engines to help them understand what the image is about. Adding targeted keywords with the tag will improve your search engine rankings. This is due to boosting your keyword frequency!

Using the image ALT tag, makes your web site a lot more accessible to people who are impaired that use a text reader. You may already have a web site that is filled with content rich material, but alt tags will help to reinforce your targeted keywords, keyword phrases, within your content.

Since many people have abused the alt tag by keyword stuffing, don’t expect a huge impact as far as search engine optimization. The SEO effectiveness of the alt tag SEO has a much lower importance than it use to have. However, to have proper HTML code that validates, every image needs an alt tag that is properly formatted.

<img src=”images/seo-optimization.png” width=”100″ height=”100″
ALT=”Spunky Jones SEO Optimization”>


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