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Is Ecuador Market to Invest In?

Is Ecuador Market to Invest In?


With the United States market looking the way it does, investors are frantic to find a market where their money is safe. Ecuador’s market is not only a safe place to invest your money, and get it out of the possibly unsafe US banks, it also has the potential to turn around some pretty nice gains.

  • Ecuador still has good deals on property. The housing market in the larger cities and gringo settlements is stable, but not overpriced. Large purchases, such as farm property and hotels have the possibility of even greater discounts. It’s a buyer’s market with healthy returns as the potential.


  • Although the political climate in Ecuador is viewed by many as unstable and keeps some investors out, Correa actually knows exactly what he is doing; keeping the masses happy.


  • With a monetary reserve of almost $7 billion and a $15 billion dollar budget, Ecuador is considered to be solvent. Government income is rising and government spending is focused on improving the country through education, a solid infrastructure and investment.


  • Although Ecuador isn’t making a mark in international markets at the moment, it has the potential enter the scene and make an impact due to its plentiful mineral deposits, biodiversity, petroleum, undeveloped coastline and tourism potential.


  • Ecuador also enjoys a friendly diplomatic relationship with the United States, leaving the door open for greater gains and good will.

Investment in Ecuador is a good way to put your dollars in a safe place where you can expect to see a good return. For more on investing in Ecuador check out this article on

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