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Is your small business still on track?

Is your small business still on track?

A game of chess, anyone?

You may or may not have it in writing however most of us of have a plan of the direction we want to take our business.

We’ve worked out our goals, looked at our marketing strategy, considered our competition, and worked out ways of reducing our business risks. We may hae even put down some actions in an action plan.

So, have you even looked at your plan lately?

Most small business owners find it’s very easy to get caught up in the day to day ‘busyness’ of running of a successful business. You can get so busy filling orders and providing customer service that you forget to plan for your business to grow.

Take a moment now. How is your business actually going?

Here are six reasons why you should give your business a ‘health check’ by reviewing your plan, whether it’s in a formal document or not.

1. See where you need to make changes

Reviewing your plans regularly instead just annually means that you have a chance to make changes or to correct your course if your business is going slightly off track.

2. Renew your focus

Just reading or thinking about your goals helps you to renew your focus on your business. You can see what your business strengths and weaknesses are and focus on the actions you need to take to ensure your business grows.

3. Inspire yourself with the big picture

Reviewing your plan gives you a chance to look again at the big picture. See where you are going and give yourself the inspiration to reach your destination.

4. Celebrate your achievements

It is good to take a breath away from the ‘busyness’ of the daily effort of running your business and celebrate what you’ve achieved so far.

5. Plan your actions for the coming months

Your plan has an actions to enable you to achieve your goals for the year. When you regularly review your plan, you can clarify and define your actions coming months.

6. Stay on Track to Achieve Your BHAGs

Finally, reviewing your plans regularly helps you to stay on track to achieve your Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs). Aim high and achieve your goals in your business.

Dust off your plans and refocus your energies by reviewing your plan at least every six months. Book in a health check for your business and reap the benefits.

A Few Business Plan Templates To get You Started:

Business Marketing Plan Template pdf Business Marketing

Business plan template

small business plan samples


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