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Join The PepperjamNETWORK & Start Earning Fast!

Ready for the Next Generation Affiliate Network? PepperjamNETWORK is new on the market and looks very promising. I just signed up and got approved the yesterday.

So far so good. It only took a few quick steps and a phone call to verify and I was all set to go. After taking some time to look over the site and read some others opinions I made my decision to sign up.


( Lots of Infomation To Guide You Step By Step )


I have tried a few other affiliate networks and for some reason or another I was not happy with the overall service, but after looking over the PepperjamNETWORK site and going though the sign up process with out having to do a long drawn out process and reviews to get approved as I have with other site that did not offer a whole lot in return.

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The usability of the PepperjamNETWORK site is quite easy and very web 2.0. Getting started was a piece of cake.

What is PepperjamNETWORK

PepperjamNETWORK is an industry leading full-service internet marketing agency. One of the motos is: Made For Affiliates, By Affiliates. They have taken a lot of time to listen and learn what we as affiliates want and need in a affiliate network.

PepperjamNETWORK addresses two of the most significant shortcomings found on other existing affiliate networks:

(1) poor, unreliable communication tools and (2) lack of affiliate transparency. They even have real-time chat “Pepperjam Chat” so that affiliates and advertisers can communicate and build a stronger, more profitable partnership. Along with Web 2.0 technology for an easy to use, clean interface, SID-level tracking, PepperjamAds that offer affiliates to create custom contextual ads, and the best part its free to join.


For Advertisers:

PepperjamNETWORK is built upon the foundation of empowering advertisers to build successful publisher relationships through exceptional communication technology and enhanced brand protection through full and unfettered publisher transparency.

For Publishers:

We strongly believe that publishers are the lifeblood of affiliate marketing. Therefore, we provide the necessary resources and educational materials to help publishers become Super Affiliates.

The PepperJamNETWORK Website:

The PepperjamNETWORK website has a very clear Web 2.0 look, and once you are logged in you will see that the interface is the same way and very user-friendly. Finding what you want to do is simple, stats are easy to locate, finding new partners and joining there program only takes a quick click of a button, customizing and building ads or generating links/banners is quick and painless.

Here are some screenshots of the interface:

PepperjamNETWORK Partners:

The PepperjamNETWORK has quality campaigns from some great companies with name brands you will recognize and only find though the PepperjamNETWORK. Joining these partners is simple, simply go to your interface and click “Find Partners” and browse though and click join on the ones that you would prefer to partner with.

PepperjamNETWORK Ads:

One of the things I really like is the PepperjamAds. You can customize and select which partners you want to display in a particular widget, and most partners even have different tag lines you can select from so the options are limitless.

I have a few ads already on Blogging4cash you can see a 250×250 on my sidebar, 460×60 on my home page before the post, a 125×125 under my sponsors, link add in my stripe ad, and a 460×60 in the top header ads.

So if your looing for a New Affiliate Network to try out go check out the PepperjamNETWORK and give it a try.

Join the Affiliate Revolution.

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