Keep Your Blog Up To Date

Keep Your Blog Up To Date

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If your a blogger you know that keeping your blog up-to-date is an important, time managing task. You have to keep your visitors happy, but at the same time we are only human and most of our readers understand that sometimes a daily post is impossible to do at some point in time, but to keep your readers happy it is best to post on a regular basis. In most cases posting every other day to weekly should keep your readers at bay, but try to keep your posting pattern and don’t go to far off balance.

However, depending on your blogs niche your readers may expect you to update your blog frequently. You should be somewhat aware of what your readers expect and make every effort to keep your readers updated with new content. Keeping your blog up-to-date can be a challenge at times, especially trying to find what your next topic will be.

Lets look at ways to manage your time, find some inspiration and other ideas to help you keep your blog up-to-date.

Time Management and Blogging:


The best way to ensure your blog is updated and on a timely schedule is to post on a regular or daily basis. This is important when your readers expect a new post daily or a few times a week. Allowing yourself an hour or so for research, writing, publishing, and promoting your post each day or the night before and keeping this time-line will ensure your blog stays up-to-date.

I try to set an hour or so in the morning or the night before to think about what I am going to write, I usually have a small list that I make though out the week and pick a topic from there or if I do not like those ideas I think of something else.

This time allows me to sit and research what I am going to post, wo write out a draft then read it over a few times and have someone proof read it if I can find someone at the time to do so, and time to promote the new post.

On days that you may not be able to have time to write, you can always write a short message and explain why you are not posting for the day or for a few days. This will let your readers know the reason of your absence and that you are unable to post for that time period. Most readers and visitors will understand and you will probably not lose them if you skip a day or two.

Back-up Post:

A good thing to have on hand if you are not able to post for a few days is a back-up post. I usually do not do this, but I am finding it pretty useful to have a few post put to the side for a rainy day or when I will be away for sometime. Some of these articles might be just a random idea I have jotted down and maybe wrote some or all of the post. A few of them are incomplete, but will give me a quick start to finish them off if I do not have time to write a full post.

Backup post are really handy and you can take a few moments after you have posted for the day and create a new post with a title you may want to discuss at a later date and start writing a few paragraphs and just come back to it later or write the full article or two for a later date. I have started using them on days that I spend with my daughter and they come in good use.


Inspiration in Articles:

A good source of inspiration is to read a few articles or books. There are tons or article sites around if you are having trouble coming up with a new topic or do not have the time spend doing a lot of research. If you are using free articles it would be wise to make sure to give the original author credit or a link back to the article site. I have around 10,000 articles saved up from a few paid sites that I enjoy reading though, but I have not really used them as a post, but they are a good source to have around.

Inspection in Other Post:

No, don’t run off and steal someone else’s post. You can always find something interesting to read about and give you a few ideas to write on if you have writers block or are looking for some inspiration for your post. Do credit the person if they have helped inspire you or write them a quick email and let them know you are writing about something they have mentioned and let them check it out also.

Another good idea that is going around is having a weekly link post, this is a post of other bloggers articles that you think your readers would enjoy reading. Most of these link post share a few links with a brief description of the article and the reason you liked it and a pingback/linkback to the original article. This is also a great way to show some link love.

Using your Blog Software:

Most blogging software will allow you to auto-set dates for your post to be published. This is a great tool and can be used to your advantage if you have a few post wrote up and are going to be away for a few days. You can set the date and time for the article to be posted and not have to worry about finding a computer. This is also a good thing if you want to keep your articles posted at a certain time each day if you have a dedicated time block you are wanting to post in to keep your blog on a frequent schedule. This is fairly easy to do. I know in WordPress you only have to select your “Post Timestamp” and check the “Edit timestamp” check box and put your desired date and time.

Having a guest Blogger.

You may also want to consider finding or hiring a guest blogger if you are unable to keep your desired posting schedule if you are unable to do so yourself. This will keep your readers interested and give them a little variety, but at the same time you should be cautious as to how your readers may respond to this change. Most readers will probably be okay with this if it is not a regular thing. I have had one guest blogger so far and I found it to be a great thing and hope to have more in the future. It’s not hard to find a guest blogger, you can contact a blogger you like and ask then if they would mind or you can even find a few for hire or though places like the Entrecard Store for a few Entrecards.


I know I am not perfect at following a time-line but it’s a good thing to start to practice and keep your blog up-to-date and have post on a regular basis. I have a few days out of the month were I can not have a new post daily but I do try to keep a few back-up post and I am going to try to start a Link Post for days that I know I will be out and unable to post. If you would like to be a guest poster on the site at some point let me know and I will let you know ahead of time if I will need a post. Happy Blogging and thanks for tuning in.


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