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Keyword repetition SEO tactics

Using keyword repetition SEO tactics!


Don’t get flagged for using keyword spamming techniques

Keyword RepetitionI am pretty sure that most people have probably read a blog article that was constantly stuffed with the same keywords over and over. For most people, “keyword repetition” is boring and gives them a very good reason to move on. So – “keyword stuffing” SEO tactics aren’t as effective as it once was, and you should avoid it like the plague!

If you repeat your keywords over and over and think that you’ll rank well in the search engines, you’ll find that those “SEO tactics” no longer work. Search engine technology has improved a great deal, and they are wise to that old school SEO method. If you use this technique and “keyword stuff” your content, you’re in danger of being flagged for keyword spamming.

People usually visit your blog to find content that offers them a solution for what they are looking for. If your number one objective is your own interests, it will get in the way of your visitors. Too many obstacles will prevent them from learning and reading any other content that you have to offer.

The better approach is to use multiple keyword terms and keyword phrases to get your point across. This will also help to reduce your bounce rate as well, because your readers will spend more time viewing your content. Using this SEO approach will also give the search engines more keywords and terms to offer their readers. This SEO tactic works much better than keyword repetition!

I strongly suggest that you checkout to find other alternate descriptive keywords and terms. This type of writing style is very helpful to keep your audience interested and reading your message. Using alternate keywords and terms will help to set you a part from other bloggers, making you more unique!

Two simple rules to follow for writing your blog content:

Rule number one. Focus on giving people solutions for what they are looking for.
Rule number two. Don’t use keyword repetition SEO tactics.

Don’t forget that people aren’t stupid and will see what you are up to if you use keyword spamming. If you want to convert your visitors into customers or regular readers, avoid using bad search engine optimization (SEO) tactics.

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