Keyword Research

Keyword Research and its Importance

Keyword Research and its Importance For Effective Web Marketing


If you think that years of personal experience covers it 100%, it is time to think again

The first step to keyword research is to know what your customers are searching for and what search terms they use to find your products and services. This is a must if you want to have an effective marketing plan that includes SEO optimization and keyword advertising.

Most often we fail to get inside the head of our customers where the language of problems is spoken. However, our language is solutions, and it is quite different. Therefore, we must take the two languages into account to achieve the full potential of web marketing.

If one thinks that the years of personal experience gives us an accurate picture of how our customers act, you’ll discover that assumptions add limitations to the utility of experience.

* Most interactions with customers are self-selected, because you end up speaking to customers that have sought you out. These customers are usually interested in your products and services, in comparison to the people that couldn’t locate you and/or don’t think your solutions are applicable for their problems. Therefore the number of customers that have located you is offset by the number that can’t.

* The behavior of search engine practice is quite different from personal communications. People that use search engines to find what they are looking for, use more precise technology, in comparison to a personal conversation.

* Researching keywords for your clients has produced keywords that are unanticipated. The amount of usable keyword terms are more than we came come up with and can actually remember.

Our experience provides an excellent starting point/base for keyword researching and opens doors for new opportunities.

Uncovering Opportunities with Keyword Research

Good keyword research will uncover usable search terms that you haven’t considered. These uncover search terms will usually reveal some keywords that are a traffic magnet. These search terms deliver a significant amount of traffic because of the small amount of competition they receive. Therefore, you can increase your flow of your targeted traffic and increase your marketing investment return as well!

– Keyword Research saves You Money! –

There is more to keyword research than just compiling a keyword list of search terms. You must include estimates of web traffic and competition for each term. This allows you to effectively distribute your resources, saving you time and money on keywords that will deliver an SEO impact! There isn’t much sense to compete against millions of other sites that are competing for the same keyword terms. If you are into PPC advertising, proper keyword research can produce huge savings.

– Common Keyword Tools –

Keyword research is easier than you think and there is a vast amount of free resources on the Internet.

* Free WordTracker
* Google AdWords
* Google’s Traffic Estimator
* Good KeyWords

In closing, you need to branch out a bit when doing keyword research. People who are searching for “search engine optimization”, could also be looking for “SEO optimization“, “WordPress optimization” or even “optimization process“.


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