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Writing quality page copy, isn’t enough to achieve top rankings

There are millions of websites that are producing page content on regular basics. Because of its rapid growth, many SEO experts believe that web content is getting out of control. It has been speculated, that most search engines, are unable to keep up. They are unable to provide relevant search results for their users. However, Google, on the other hand, is considered the king of search, because of its technology, it rules the World Wide Web.

Most SEO expects, will agree that the best method to achieve top rankings, is acquired by effective keyword research. Iit is necessary to understand how Google thinks. Especially, when it comes to achieving top rankings for your keyword terms.

It wasn’t that long ago, that “keyword stuffing“, was effective to achieve top search engine rankings. However, these days, search engines, such as Google, are much smarter and can’t be deceived quite as easily. In order to achieve top rankings, one must write quality content that is useful. It must be quality content that is rich, and relevant to the subject topic.

This is a requirement, in order to achieve top rankings for your keyword terms!

Quality Content

Search engines, are in search of much more than, “quality content”. You’ll find, that they like fresh, frequently updated, useful content, that is relevant to the subject. Your website has to earn the trust of the search engines, as a source for quality content.

When you write your page content, you must write it for the end-user first. Use relevant keywords and related keywords that pertain to the subject matter. Try using long tail keywords, as well. Avoid, using the keyword stuffing concept, at all costs. Keyword research, is a must have!

Keyword research

Doing keyword research will help you to dominate Google. Knowing what keywords are effective to drive targeted traffic to your website is a must! If you want to dominate Google, give it the content, that it wants. So, I strongly recommend using Google’s Keyword Planner.

These days, PageRank has little to do with search engine rankings.websites with lower PR , can out rank higher PR sites for their article content. One must write page copy for the end-user experience, and then tweak it, for SEO optimization.

Since I started using the principles of Google’s Keyword Planner, I have increased pageviews, and my keyword rankings have improved for my articles.


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