Airport Layovers

Long Layover at JFK Airport September 19th

COSTA RICA TRIP September 18th LOG #1

5:05 am

( What A Long Layover at JFK Airport September 19th 2015 )

Hey there, thanks for checking out this blog post.. I am on my way to Costa Rica and I still have about 5 hours left of layover at JFK.

Ive already checked in and I had to throw out my SPF70 Sun Block… Shit! 😉 Apparently 100ml is the allowed limit of carry on lotion 😉

So, not really a big deal. Thankfully, I have more sunblock in my non carry on luggage.

Heres a qucik pic of me… at this very moment. ( I just snapped this pic from my PCsWebcam. @ 5:05am ) Tech Savy

Ha Ha… Oh by the way if you have Instagram, Snappchat or twitter feel free to Add me.

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