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Low Carb Diet Tips – Or What To Eat To Lose Weight

There’s lots of low carb diet tips you can use on your diet, but here’s some of my favorite ones. It’s all about what to eat to lose weight and make it fun and enjoyable at the same time. On a healthy weight loss program you’ll be eating a lot of truly fresh food in the form of seasonal produce, supplemented by a few frozen products.

In the refrigerator at all times should be: celery, scallions (better carb bargains than storage onions), bell peppers, cabbage, cucumbers, citrus fruit (oranges, lemons, limes, but mainly for the zest – which you can peel and freeze).

Herbs are wonderful for low carb diets which include lots of vegetables and salads; you can even make a whole salad out of mixed herbs if you have a garden. Sometimes when you’re eating a lot of protein you crave something light and refreshing, and a lot of mint, parsley, and chives can do wonders to take a dish in that direction.

In the Refrigerator

Mayonnaise: Hellmann’s or Best Foods – no point in using light. You can have an instant sauce, a marinade, a crunchy coating for chicken in seconds with this excellent product.

Sour Cream: A spoonful or two makes a big difference for very few carbs, and sour cream seems to have an inordinately long shelf life. Don’t overheat sour cream or it will curdle.

Cheese: Good cheeses for snacking are the relatively low-fat ones such as string cheese, mozzarella, and Muenster. Parmesan, Cheddar, feta, and blue cheese are always useful. For treats, brie and cambozola and chevre.

Cream Cheese: Exiled from the low-fat kitchen, cream cheese is back and welcome – all ready to be whipped into a cheesecake or spread on crackers with some interesting seasonings for a quick appetizer or snack. Whipped cream cheese is ready to spread, of course.

Cottage Cheese: You want 2 percent or 4 percent-fat cottage cheese, which has fewer carbs. This can be breakfast or served on sliced tomatoes with lots of black pepper as lunch or a snack.

Cream: It’s up to you how much fat you want to use, but cream is luxurious and very useful. You’ll quickly notice that half-and-half has many fewer carbs than the 1 percent or 2 percent milk you may be used to with your coffee.

Nuts: Forbidden though they are in most diets, nuts are welcomed in the low-carb world. You can’t eat endless amounts of them, but you can have a few every day, and they’re a reliable treat. They’re also very good for you, full of essential nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, folacin, vitamin E, some of the Bs, and antioxidants. It may be because they have long roots reaching deep into the earth that they have such a mother lode of nutrients in their tiny packages.

Macadamia nuts are a very tasty addition to a low carb diet – they’re the lowest in carbs and high in me good fat. POA, palmitoleic acid, which some studies show helps the body metabolize fats and balance HDL and LDL cholesterol; it also helps break down me harmful fats surrounding the liver and heart. Peanuts are, of course, in the bean family, not the nut clan, but they act like nuts and they have a very similar profile.

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